You were left hollow,
Empty like a vacuum.
You became dense, numb
To all external stimuli.

There was the time,
When you used to touch the sky,
You stood for something.
Yet now,
You are but a shard,
A fragment of your long lost glory.
Broken down, crushed
Left to nothing but a
Crack in the glass.

I was there,
Right next to you,
Feeling powerless at what happened,
At what she did to you.

I could not find the
Fragments that had been lost,
Nor could I heal the
Crack you had become.

I cannot save you
From what you are becoming,
Neither can I save myself
As you make me feel uninspired.

She has left us all,
Yet she still survives,
In you,
In your mind.

In a labyrinth,
Where she holds you captive.
Your mind a prisoner of
Its own creation,
Needing to be rescued,
From your uninspired love.
And when life will
Once again overflow the vacuum,
We will rise.


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