Dusk to Dawn


The sky hasn’t changed colour for several hours. The silence still reigns supreme over the land. The blanket of lethargy covers all. No sign of activity for miles, and everything was according to plan.

When everyone wakes up tomorrow in the northern hemisphere, they will see no tomorrow. No sunshine to light up their lives, no joy to give them hope.

And hope, hope is what keeps them alive, giving them the strength, the courage to go on each and every day, every second. Take away hope from people, they will start dying a bit inside, and replace it with guilt and sorrow, they will die many times.

Once I take away their light, their world will have no more shadows, giving them no way to escape. And what humans fear the most is being trapped without a method of escape. That is when most escapists confront the truth, showing what they are made of. Only some more time, and when the moon will fade, my ambitions will come alive.
“Everything is ready sir”, a voice emerged from the darkness.
“Good, very good”.
“We have found the spy sir”.
“Excellent work”.
“what shall we do with him sir?, what punishment shall he face”,the voice became more excited and restless.
“Only what he deserves, just like veryone else.” And just like that, my butler disappeared into the darkness



4 thoughts on “Dusk to Dawn

  1. This one is intense..I assume you have started thinking long term & would soon show up with a really long story, would love to read one from your side. All the best!!

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