This is a story i wrote way back in 2011 July. This is a very different style of writing from my more recent works and reflects the love i used to have for first person narratives.

So you want to hear a story, eh? Well judging from your faced lads, half of you seem outright uninterested and the other half is at least trying to show some interest. Just what I’d expect from you idiotic little nuisances. But even among you all, I see one interested face. So, I won’t bore him and just for his sake I will tell you a story, one that dates back many years ago.
Many years ago, when I was about your age and only a bit shorter than you, my father kept on telling me stories about a treasure. A fabled treasure said to hold enough wealth to fulfill a man’s greed. And like all your other wretched treasures, this too was nothing more than a myth, or so as I thought, or bounded myself to do so.
This treasure was more of a curse that had haunted my family for generations. Every time we thought it went away, it came back like a bad habit. More akin to a plague if you ask me, taking away the lives of most men of my family. Pathetic piece of crap if you ask this old geezer.
Even on his deathbed, my old man went on babbling about the wretched treasure just like his old man did on his. No words of encouragement to either of his sons or any show of love to his wife. No wonder Mama left both my brother and me after that day, she was relieved not to be bound by the shackles of the old man and she went along with another old man.
And this saddened my weak, sensitive and emotional brother to fall apart and die young. And to me, that was the breaking point, not only did the old man ruin his own life, he ruined the lives of others as well. And at my brother’s gravestone, I vowed to put an end to this wretched myth and find this mystical, or invisible if you may, treasure to end its curse on families. And that day, I set out to act on my most outrageous decision ever, and the man you see in front of you narrating the story the story is what came out of it.


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