Freedom Fighter


This is a poem i wrote in 2011. It uses idealism and the inheritance of wills of people as inspiration.

I walk through the street,

All blackened and burnt.

Looking back to see,

The bodies of dead men,

Who dared to enter,

The threshold of my country

Looking back to see,

The bodies of my loved ones.

Who died for freedom,

Who died for their right.

Looking back,

To see all those who died,

All those who fought till the end.

All those whose spirit

Was outweighed by the pain they suffered.

I clearly remember,

The screams of my fellow comrades,

Falling in battle,

The screams of the people,

Who were mercilessly killed,

By the enemy.

Who were killed in this war,


What our ancestors passed down to us.


An exercise in needless repetition.

And now,

After all this bloodshed,

I can clearly hear the footsteps,

Footsteps of more soldiers,

Ready to blindly follow orders,

From their superiors,

And following the will of their superiors,

Superiors who inherited war

From our ancestors.

The soldiers,

They are here to kill what’s remaining of us,

And strip from us,

Our birth right,

Our freedom.

But even I have inherited something,

I have inherited the will

Of my fellow comrades

Of my family,

I have inherited their will,

Their dream to fight till the end,

Their dream to be free,

And I now take the burden of their dreams,

And make them my own.

Believing in them,

And following them

Till my last breath.

For now,

I truly accept the mantle of a




5 thoughts on “Freedom Fighter

  1. Touches a chord at various levels..true we are struck in a rut when it comes to solving long existing issues..& of course wars, of any kind, are a tragedy for the entire mankind.. I had one of my poet friends read your’s (he mostly writes in Hindi) & he recited a couplet by Gulzar about national borders which goes like “Lakiren hai to rhne do, kisi ne ruth k gusse me khinch di hongi, aao inhe pala bna kr kabaddi khele” (if borders exist, let them be, some one must have drawn them in anger, but come lets use them as a ring & play kabaddi sportingly)

    • war is what has easily destroyed our world, look at hiroshima and nagasaki for example, lets just hope there are no more nuclear bombings or a new world war, the world and the people don’t even need it.

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