No More


This is the first poem i wrote in 2010, it is extremely descriptive and extremely optimistic.

The dust settled,
Into the earth below,
The landscape, ruined,
The earth, cracked in two,
The hills, torn apart,
Like the earth it stood upon,
And an image was revealed.
Two bodies, placed there,
One standing and one downed,
One lied on the ground,
Swords driven through his chest,
His face,
Scarred, destroyed in the battle

His eyes, red,
Due to his corruption.
His body, his will,
Broken apart by his own evil.
His spirit, confined to its boundaries,
Like a sith to his anger.
His evil aura
Emanating from his now destroyed body.
As cold and heartless as Satan himself.
The other one stood there,
With a sword in his hand,
Filled with blood.
His face,
Full of wounds and scars,
He earned, rightfully.
His eyes, blue,
Pious like the oceans purity.
His body, his will,
As tough as steel.
His spirit,
As free as a dove.
His attitude,
As calm as a jedi in battle.
Looked down at his fallen foe.
β€œAll my life,
I have bargained, compromised,
I have lived like a fool,
But , no more.
NO more bargains, NO more compromises.”
He said as he started walking,
From his dreadful past, to the bright future that awaited him.


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