Night In The Desrt


Written by me in December last year. I wrote it after a huge block where i could not pen down anything that made sense. This poem was inspired loads by Uncharted 3.

In that cold and silent night,
I looked at the stars above,
Showing me how helpless i was,
In this cold desert night.
I was lost,
In this mystical landscape,
As well as the labyrinth of my mind.
As i wandered around,
With my goal in mind,
I thought of where i was going.
The darkness offered me no help,
But neither did my mind.

My mind walked around in its own maze.
Scared of what the nest corner had in store,
Fearful of whether it would reach the end.
And what the mind does,
The body imitates.
And like my mind,
My body was walking around helplessly,
In this freezing desert night.
I was there with no warmth,
nothing to protect myself.

Funny how the desert changes its behaviour,
Warm in the day,
And as cold in the night,
But dangerous.
And as i crawled under a huge rock for shelter,
I got to thinking,
Is this how people are?
Warm and friendly
when I’m with them,
And cold and dangerous
when i walk away,
Changing their behaviour,
showing their true colours.

And as the rock provided minimal comfort,
My mind was in the labyrinth,
Going through another corner,
Taking another turn,
Whether it will leave the labyrinth or not.
And from under the rock i crawled,
And looked again at the stars.
Wondering why they kept on shining,
Was it to show me
how helpless i am in my time of trouble,
Or were they glowing to show me the way?
How it could mean so much.
Is this how my friends,
my shining stars were?
Laughing at me,
Showing me that I am helpless
In my time of need.

And my mind got distracted,
It gave these thoughts
more attention,
Than to its freedom.
Observing all these new thoughts,
It moved on.
And it could feel something,
Something like a ray of light.
And then it ran,
Ran ahead at full speed,
And then,suddenly,

And I crawled back,
Laughing at what i had observed.
LAughing at myself for where i was.
And as i came to my senses,
I couldn’t help but notice,
That in all of this,
The rock provided me shelter.
Shelter from the cold,
From the stars.
As this rock reminded me,
Of my family,
Of those few friends,
Who sheltered me,
When i had nowhere to go,
When i was helpless.
And as stopped thinking,
I once again laughed.
As this rock could mean so much.

And my mind
which was now at the end,
The End of the labyrinth,
Was once again fearful,
This time of what was outside,
Of what awaited it.
Like i was,
Of what was outside this rock.

And now at this point,
I couldn’t help but laugh.
Laugh so loudly,
That it broke the silence of the night.
And as the night grew colder,
My laugh grew weaker,
My eyes started to shut,
My mind stood frozen at the end,
And my body began to give in.
And as my laughter neared its end,
The desert once again subsided to empty


6 thoughts on “Night In The Desrt

  1. The way you craft these poems by keeping yourself in the place of, say, a desert wanderer or a potato is inspiring, to say the least. I like the dichotomy between the stars & the people we encounter in life..Good Work!!

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