Half Past Three


A story written by me not too long ago. I conceived the idea to this story at 3:30 AM when I was unable to sleep. Probably the Longest writing piece i have ever written. This was one of the many stories in my night-time collection(if you can count 5 as collection).

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It is half past three, I think. I don’t have a watch to tell the time but experience can teach you a lot. I am under the same old huge towering tree. I wonder whether my parents realized that I was here, under the tree in the park and not in my bed.

The breeze is fast and cold and my shorts provide minimal protection from the cold breeze. My shirt however is more suited for such a weather and well my long hair is as good as cap.

The spot where I sit has one advantage, it gives me a great view of the moon. I don’t know why but I somehow like it. They always say that someone who cares for you has their eyes set on it too and you can look into each other’s eyes and peer into each other’s heart. Well I didn’t know of someone like that in my life. I’m pretty sure that they forgot to mention that there are exceptions. Even so, I love the view.

What makes me come back here night after night is the quiet I am offered. This puts me and my mind in a state of tranquility, providing me means of escape from a rather hectic, loud and insecure life.

Life, you see isn’t easy when both the parents are unemployed and work is hard to come by in the recession, or as my parents call it, the second coming of the devil, especially when it’s tough to pay the bills.

It gets frustrating all right, having to bear the same thing day after day after day, but as time goes on, you learn to live with it, accepting it, even when your insides cry for you to fight back.

But this spot, it has an aura that soothes me whenever I come here, gives me energy, gives me hope, and makes me forget all about the recession, the loudness and the insecurities of life. It gives me a goal to come back here every day and enjoy the view.

I’d better come back to happy thoughts before I start sulking over how life is now and what is in store for me. It’s best I face these some other day.

It’s getting late now and I better leave before I have that huge yawn that will put me to sleep for a long time and I don’t want authorities to take me in as a homeless vagrant trespassing on public property.

The breeze as cool and as fast as ever, I start to run home to enjoy the warmth my blanket will provide to my legs.


2 thoughts on “Half Past Three

  1. Wow this story has some pain in it..starting right from the cold to the mentions of devil & monetary needs..however you could have worked more on the ending..it somehow doesn’t fit with the beginning. Overall I like the tone of it, the insecurities & folklore all merged into one, & the length is just fine too. Good work!!

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