A story i wrote yesterday about a concept that i had forgotten about, the concept about Fairytales and Happy Ever after. Maroon 5’s song Payphone sort of served as an inspiration for reminding me that the concept of Fairytales and Happy ever after exists!


‘We’re losing her nurse’, the doctor screamed. ’Get the injections’.
‘Yes doctor’, the tensed nurse quickly grabbed the injection.
‘Stay with me alright, it’s all going to be okay’ the doctor comforted the woman.
About an hour in the operation theatre, the red light above the door went out. The woman was rushed out of the operation theatre to her room, with her little crying girl. As the door to the room closed, the doctor stayed outside, filling up with tears.
A little boy, about 6 years old walked up to the doctor and tugged at his coat in excitement.
‘Daddy daddy when will I meet my little sister? When will she and mommy come home?’
The doctor wiped away the few drops from his cheeks and cleared his throat.
‘A few more days son, then you can play with your sister all you want. Now I will go meet mommy, and you be a good boy and sit on the bench there’.
The boy merrily skipped towards the bench and sat down, excited. The doctor mustered up courage as he finally walked into the room. As soon as he walked in, he noticed a smile on his wife’s face. One he had last seen six years ago. He walked towards her bed and gave her a hug.
‘I need to tell you something love’, he said.
‘When am I going to die?’ she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.
‘Why would you assume that, why in the world would you,’ the doctor lost his calm, becoming restless,’think like that. That is’.
His wife gave a very small and quiet laugh. Holding her husband’s hand, she signaled him to sit beside him.
‘We have known each other 12 years and married for 10. I wouldn’t be a very good wife if I didn’t know everything about you, now would I? Listen’, she pulled him as she tried to cheer him up.
‘I want you to be happy after I leave. I will be waiting for you in your next life’.
‘But’, the doctor replied, holding back his own tears, ‘You didn’t believe in the concept of afterlife’.
‘I don’t. But I believe in fairytales and happy ever after’.
As soon as she finished, she coughed. Her smile had washed away. The doctor signaled her to be quiet and slowly bended down to give her a final kiss. As the kiss finished, his wife’s hand loosened its grip and her face turned pale. As he came back up, he wept silently, still holding onto her. As he wept, his little daughter, in all her innocence, smiled and laughed.


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