This whole piece was inspired by one line, just one line said by The Joker.

Allow me to entertain you with a treasured tale of my childhood. When I was a child, say about 12 years old, I had been living in poverty for the little time I had existed. My days were full of gloominess and neglection by my parents. The best escape I could find was roaming outside till late hours, berating the world for where I was. After coming back home, I would check underneath my third or fourth hand bed for monsters.
Now for the story. One such day, I’m guessing in September, which was maybe my birthday, I stepped outside after hours of neglection and not a single birthday wish. While walking, my eyes caught a glimpse of Brue Waye, the boy born in the lap of luxury. In his hand, he wore the new Rolex watch, gold plated and studded with diamonds.
I had always wanted it, to see how it would feel and how my eyes would grow by looking at the diamonds. This watch cost more than my parents would earn in their lifetime. Here he was 11 years old, standing alone, showing off his riches to those less fortunate. This makes me mad. As he stood there, I sneaked up on him and gave a little karate chop to his neck, so as to make him lose consciousness. Then I proceeded to take of the watch and run before anyone would notice.
You see, a guy like me was almost non-existent to the world. So, I thought I could get away with it. That’s when it went downhill. Turns out my chop was more than the little boy could handle. Some bone of his displaced and he died on the spot. I could only look on as his mother cried out in agony. There was nothing I could do except wish that I could take it all back.
After standing there in silence, I did the only thing I could do. I walked away, with the watch still in my hand. That night, when I reached home, I felt terrible. I had no one to turn to, no where to escape to. That night, before going to bed, I didn’t bother checking my bed for monsters, because if there was one, it was inside me.
Today, even though I can afford a hundred such watches, I hold onto that Rolex from many years ago. It acts as a reminder of my long lost humanity.


10 thoughts on “Untitled-2

  1. Given your caliber, I believe you could have turned it out into something better. I feel your earlier posts were more riveting compared to this one, though this is also good nonetheless!! Just some honest constructive criticism 🙂

    • this is more of a complete story rather than an incomplete one which has a a chance for a a sequel. Also, i have not incorporated the various elements i usually do and also because i wanted to try a rather emotionally intense story instead of a more mysterious like story.

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