Fly me to the Moon


A poem i wrote last year in July. I am guessing there was a Disney movie of the same name since many people commented upon that!

One night,
While sitting on my roof,
Looking at all the stars,
My eye caught a glimpse,
Glimpse of the masterpiece of the night sky,
The masterpiece,
The Moon.
I stared at it,
Mesmerized by its beauty,
I couldn’t help but look in awe at it.
But at that moment,
My mind couldn’t help but think,
Will I ever be able to fly to the moon?
Touch its surface?
Feel that beauty?
Will I?
And then,
I could’t help but ask my brother,
Who was sitting beside me,
Will I ever be able to fly to the moon?”
“I believe so, yes.
One day we will be able to,
One day,
If no one else Little Brother,
I will Fly you to The Moon,
And that is a promise,” he said.
Happily, I wondered,
When will that day come?
The day i would go there,
Fly there with my brother.
Fly there,
To the moon.
Fly all around it,
And feel its beauty.
Brother, my mind went,
Will you really
Fly me to The Moon.


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