The first story i ever wrote! Wrote this in July 2010 so its a bit kiddish. As far as i remember, this idea was inspired by some weird movie i watched at that time.

It was a dark and lonely night, right here in New York City. It was a dark winter night, however, as there always is one, to add to the misery of the people and the darkness, New York City faced a power cut, a complete blackout. No light to be seen for miles. Save for all the people texting or facbooking with their cell phones.
Somehow, this sort of a creepy environment has always given rise to a masked murderer or a supernatural force, whacky ghost to come out and kill people. And as usual, someone takes the challenge and manages to find a way to defeat the villain and save the town. By the morning. By which the power cut is gone. “Phoosh”, gone. I always feel there is a connection.
However, this time was different. This time, the mysterious attacks had already started. And the special forces said it was a supernatural force with the evidence provided. And like always, I trust them to be wrong.
This was going to be a lucky night for the murderer. A dark city, thousands of lives standing helplessly and a wild goose chase starting for the murderer. However, the night was lucky not the murderer or the people hunting him or the murderers to be targets.
Will the killer be caught? Will he strike again? When will we switch on our computers again?
This was going to be an eventful night, filled with mystery, chills and thrills for everyone involved in it.


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