The Night


Wrote this last year in March. Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night(even i don’t see the connection between the two!)

The night,
Covering the world in a blanket of darkness,
Not a source of light for miles,
Except the illumination of the stars.
The night,
A Place of gathering,
For the forces of evil,
For the creatures of darkness,
For the execution of misdeeds.
The night,
Unforgiving, unpredictable.
You can never know what the darkness has in store for you.
You can never be too sure of what awaits you at the next corner.
You can never be too sure whether you live to see the rising sun,
Or whether this cold darkness becomes your grave.
The night,
So very discouraging,
So very cruel,
Piercing a man’s fate,
Destroying a man’s hope.
For even the mightiest have lost their will to the cruelty of the night,
For the smartest have been deceived by the deception of the darkness.
The cruelty of the night is such that,
Our shadow leaves us alno.
The night,
An embodiment of pure darkness.
No matter,
How dark the night may be,
It is always the darkest before dawn,
And with every dawn comes a new day,
And with every day comes a new hope,
Comes a chance to bud anew,
Starts another day of our beautiful LIFE!!!!


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