A poem i wrote last year in March. Not exactly a great poem(all me friends seem to think otherwise), the writing style is very similar o The Night( and sort of absed on the painting “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The table was placed,
The feast was set,
And the people had gathered.
Thirteen of them,
Sitting on one side of the table.
Gathered around the Holy One.
Sitting for the last time with his disciples,
Disciples whom he had trusted with his teachings.
Disciples whom everyone believed to be pure,
Did not know of the one
Who was not so pure.
One who was more ambitious,
One who expected more from life than teachings,
One who traded honor for greed,
One who traded his master’s life for his own selfish needs.
The one who betrayed Jesus.
Jesus, calmly sitting in the middle,
Making the shocking revelation
That he was to be betrayed by one of his own,
Own of his disciples.
Disciples whom everyone trusted fully,
Disciples who respected Jesus,
Were all shocked and appalled.
Except one,
One who had made the decision,
One who was lost.
Jesus, accepting his destiny,
His future,
Had no sign of fear.
What did he have to fear?
Because death is inevitable.
But what must hurt,
Is to be betrayed.
And the traitor, Judas Iscariot,
Sitting amongst them,
Not showing a sign of regret or remorse.
His head still held high,
Not ashamed of his bidding.
If a person this trusted,
Can betray his master,
Then can be trusted?
In a world
One man’s greed takes precedence over his pride,
One man’s selfishness takes precedence over everything else,
Where money holds the utmost importance.
Who de we trust?,
When even our own shadow leaves us alone in the darkness.
The Ultimate Betrayal,
Was not between Cain and Abel,
The two Brothers of Eden,
Who shared the same blood,
But was between Jesus and Iscariot,
The two who shared a bond,
A bond stronger than that of blood,
A bond so strong,
Yet so weak,
To be severed by thirty pieces of silver.


4 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. Well written. The angst at seeing these ancient examples of betrayal & greed reflect truly from your post. Good work!!

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