The Perfect Murder-Part 2


Part 2 of the Perfect Murder storyline. Wrote it late at night after i drank a bottle of coke!! Part 1 –

The next day, as the sun rose into the sky, there was a familiar boy walking in the streets, this time with his head held high. He checked every corner, every ally, every parking lot, every nook in the city.
“None of these places are good enough. Easy to get caught”, he stated in a confident yet carefree voice.
As he turned around, he saw the gorgeous girl.
“Hey, hi!” she said.
“H-h-hello”, he replied, changing back to his unconfident persona.
“This is interesting. I thought you didn’t come out of your house and here you are roaming around in the open”, she said.
‘I was…uh just looking for a good place to eat”, he replied, moving his hand away from her.
“Well since you’re new in town, let me tell you. There’s KFC, then there’s the Chinese food restaurant by that corner and the pizza place by our school.” She became excited as she helped him, swinging her hands showing him where and how to go.
As she kept on speaking for another few minutes, the boy could feel the kindness radiating from her. He could also feel the sympathy she had for him.
As soon as she stopped to catch her breath, the boy cut in between before she could.
“I, uh had fun talking to you, but I us really must be getting back”, he said in a polite voice. Still looking down, he continued on his original path.
The girl stood there,smiling as he went away. “He’s actually not that bad”, she said in her usual cheerful voice.

“Mother, I’m home”.
“You’re only 9 minutes late”, she said with a hint of anger.
“Well what can I say, I got side tracked”, the boy replied in his carefree, confident voice.
“you need to focus if you are to be initiated. You do things randomly, there is no semblance of order”, she lectured him
“I know mother. This is how I do things. I am not father.”, he said, almost losing his cool. Looking again in his mother’s eyes, he calmed down. Speaking again in his carefree and confident voice, forgetting the events that just took place, “You say that its taught in training that they teach you to find patterns. How a person does things, how he doesn’t. You learn their psychology”.
“There’s a pattern even in randomness”, she said firmly.
“I know mother, I know”, he replied, his voice sounding a bi tired.
The boy moved towards his mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek and went upstairs.
“By the way, how long did you tell them we are here?” he shouted.
“68 days, why is something wrong?” she replied.
“No, no its all perfect”, an emphasis on the perfect in a rather evil tone.


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