Here’s to the second poem, written a week after US and sort of like an upgraded form. Regard it as one my my most weird yet inspired work of my 2 years of writing!!

I was falling
Into the infinite below
Or was it the depths of
My own evil,
I do not know.

My hand broke my fall,
It pained,
The same hand
Which inflicted on you so much pain.
The path ahead of me
Was dark.
Was it the darkness
In my heart it signified,
Or was it the simple
Absence of light,
I do not know.

This is the same heart
Which coaxed me to give you
So much pain
I stood where I fell,
Looking at my few options,
Thinking about them
With my mind.

The same mind which
Planned the pain
I gave you.
Helplessness dawned over me,
Showing me that the
Only way is forward,
My only future was to
Walk through.

I walked and walked,
Not knowing my way,
Not certain of my goal,
But held on to the last straw of hope,
That it would lead me to you.

A cold breeze swept
Through the path.
Strange voices calling
Out to me,
Troubling me,
The same way I did to you.
The surroundings became
Did it signify my evil deeds,
Or signal the oncoming of the devil
To take me away?
I do now know.

Even with all the
Pain I inflicted on you,
You never left me,
Never gave up,
Always re-iterating,
How great our friendship

Looking back now,
I could only shudder
At all my past actions.
But all I could do
Was walk ahead.
I was scared,
Not at the
Uncertainty of my future,
But at the prospect
That I’ll never
Meet you again.

The sound of my own
Footsteps haunted me,
Sending a very human
Chill up my spine,
Which I’m sure you’ve felt,
So many times.

Your silhouette
Only reflected your purity,
Always so quiet, so calm
So composed,
Always nurturing what you had.
You were always blooming
Under the sun,
Always soaring high
Into the infinite,
Your shadow dancing on the ground.
I do not know what I was
All this time,
But certain I was
The one causing you pain.

You were the embodiment
Of light,
Spreading hope and joy
Where ever you went,
Extinguishing darkness,
Replacing it with light.
If only,
My voice could reach
back through to the past,
I would tell you
How much I miss you.

If only
You could give me
A sign that I would
Meet you again,
Show me that path,
I would walk on spikes,
Run through fire,
Carve a path through hell,
Give up my life,
If only you would give me
A sign.

My emotions took over me,
And tears trickled down my cheeks.
Why this happened
I do not know.

As I continued forward,
Wondering whether we
Will meet again or
The breeze,
Still as strong.

Maybe I’m dreaming,
But I could see
Ten millions of small lights,
Flying all around,
Extinguishing the darkness,
Replacing it with light.
Is it you my friend,
Or am I dreaming?
I do not know’

‘And the fireflies came
Closer to him,
Re-arranging themselves into
A figure he longed for
So much.
His smile grew larger,
Brightening up his face.
Their hands reached out once more,meeting,
And eventually he collapsed,
Knowing that he had reaches
Was all this that happened real
Or an illusion?
All taking place in his mind,
he does not know
And neither do I’ .


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