Bidding adieu to one of the most creative, weird, retarded, psychotic, studious year of all times. So , to the final two posts of the year and the two most amazing poems of the year!!

“There is today,
And then again
There was that day.
That day,
So many years ago,
When our souls met,
For the first time,
Our eyes catching a glimpse
Of each other.
You saw me,
And I saw you.
I still remember
Your face,
It was a happy face.
You wore such a big smile.
Your face was shining,
Reflecting light from the sun.
Your eyes,
Blue in colour,
Reflected the purity of your soul.
Your expressions,
So blank,
Yet conveyed so much.
This is how your face was
When we met,
For the first time.

And mine,
I don’t even remember it,
And I want to hope
That you do.
It’s as they say,
When two souls meet,
Something is born.
Since then,
We have done so much,
That now in my current state
Is too much of a chore to remember.

We were like
At times like
The best of friends
At times like rivals.
And then that one time,
When I was out for your blood
When we both loved the same beauty.
Even though we were
So much,
I still don’t know what was born,
What we were,
I still don’t know what
Ended us,
Was it you’re your untimely death
Or was it my arrogance?
You were like the sun,
And I was the moon.
I relied on you for
My ray of light,
My ray of hope.
You were like the hawk,
Soaring in the infinite,
Whose shadow moved around
On the ground,
While I was the snake,
Envious of being in your shadow,
So envious,
That I never realized what I had,
What I’ve now lost.
You were like the blooming
Tree in the sun and
I was like the roots
Branching out underground.
You lived because you loved it,
Enjoyed it,
You lived to win,
And I,
I lived to defeat you.
Looking back now,
What did my existence mean
When you left me
What was I without you?
When it was you who defined me,
I was like the moon without the sun,
Roots without a live tree,
A pair with just one object,
A life without a definite meaning,
A life without existence.
I thank fate
For making us meet.
That was the greatest gift.
And if you’re up there,
Listening to what I’m blabbering,
I want you to know,
I wish that one day,
Our souls meet in the afterlife,
To know finally know what we are,
To know what was born,
To be defined once again,
To exist once again.”
“When he stopped,
He became light.
He looked up into the night sky,
Searching or the star
Which contained his friend’s soul.
Smiling for the first time
When he searched for him.
And all I could do
Was smile back.”


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