Random Spouts from a Stranger


This is hopefully, the very first work of my new collection(If I’m able to keep on it). This piece is inspired by the war scene in Forrest Gump. Sadly, i searched for a fitting image for about thirty minutes but seems as though this post will not remain unpublished for a picture(Looked so much better in my head).

I could listen, but couldn’t see. I could listen to everyone huffing and puffing, breathing heavily. They were talking amongst themselves, for how we had to run away from the forest, for we had been detected.

I counted 24 different sounds of running feet, all maybe too afraid to pick me up. I don’t think I blame them. Maybe they themselves were hurt or didn’t see me among the tall grass or the other shut eyed bodies. At least nobody stepped on me.

As the sound of footsteps died down, the sound of mortars and rockets became clearer. I heard four mortars from flying over my weak body. One landed about 50 feet from me. I’m just happy that it wasn’t five feet otherwise I would be dead and so would this narration.


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