What is your favorite season in The Last of Us? (CONTAINS SPOILERS)


Pretty much sums up the best part of the game!

Smaller Than Galaxies

(NOTE: This article contains massive SPOILERS for The Last of Us). One of my favorite parts of The Last of Us is how the game takes place over an entirety of a year and is spread out into four seasons. I think this helps the game’s story run more fluently and if anything, has each season end with something huge that impacts the story significantly. Especially the ending of the fall season where Joel “dies.” My favorite season in the entire game is probably the winter segment, although, just choosing one season is defiantly hard to do.

One of my favorite parts of the entire game is when you first take control of Ellie in the winter and you hunt down a deer. You as the player are so concerned about whether Joel is alive and to have this calming segment is actually quite a relief oddly. They keep this…

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