Jobs-A review/My thoughts



When I went in to see Jobs, I expected to be blown away, given how the previews spoke highly of it. Sadly, I was wrong. Jobs is no The Social Network in terms of a sharp script or an Ali in terms of acting of the lead. Its well, not an amazing movie at all.

The very first scene is that of an Apple meeting when the IPod was introduced. The opening montage of the “actual” Steve Jobs walking gives the whole picture of the man. How he walked, how he spoke, his passion for the company. Everything you need to judge Kutcher’s performance.

First and foremost, Kutcher as Jobs was not at all convincing. He did everything an actor does, put in research, dedication and hours of work but he couldn’t deliver. For most parts of the movie, especially the third act, he walked like Jobs, he talked like Jobs, he dressed like Jobs and did everything like Jobs, but he wasn’t Jobs. He was like a bad duplicate trying to imitate him. Like I said, he is no Will Smith in Ali.

The camerawork was dismal. In the close up shots, the camera was wobbly. It just kept on moving up down here there and was annoying to say the least. Throughout the movie the scenes were ruined by body parts here and there. A close up of Jobs, there’s a person’s head; a talk between Jobs, Scully and Mike, there’s a person’s leg walking and many other such disruptions.

The part where Jobs travels India, with various images of The Jama Masjid, The Taj Mahal and the bustling Indian marketplace is the only part that was mind blowing. Interspersed with Kutcher running in the field and the vivid imagery, it was mind blowing.

The script was nothing like The Social Network or The Pirates of Silicon Valley. Unlike The Pirates, the personalities of the characters were nothing like their real life counterparts. If I recall correctly, Wozniak did mention that the relationship between him and Jobs was way off and so were most of the others.  Also, unlike The Social Network, there was no journey of the drama and betrayal that people faced during the making of Facebook.  There was not very sharp dialogue or a lot of humor interspersed in between.

The Social Network portrayed Zuckerberg as an ass, but you could sympathize with his actions, well most of them. With Jobs, I only found Steve Jobs to be an ass. The script never gave a reason for Jobs to do all that and as such, you could never fathom the complexity of his character.

There was no time given to develop the supporting characters. Whenever they felt sad, you couldn’t care, when they were happy, you couldn’t care. There was a scene between Jobs and a good friend that was supposed to have massive emotional baggage, but it didn’t. Partly because the script was so centered about the vision of Steve Jobs, that by the end of it, you couldn’t care about the vision or the characters.

The second half, or as I call it, the part after the intermission was rushed. Everything took place so quickly; the details of the plot got compromised. It all happened so fast, I have no idea of the phrase that I should insert here, given how I spent the last ten minutes thinking.

The movie was all in all pretty mediocre. The characters were barely fleshed out, the script was barely good and the music and the short montage of Jobs’ visit to India the only things I liked. If you have the time to spare, watch it and see the how one of the biggest companies in the world reached where it is today, otherwise, spend this time on something else.


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