Movie Review – Filmistaan


After an ill fated string of attempts to watch Million Dollar Arm with Shantanu, we finally decided to catch Filmistaan last Thursday after it’s rather entertaining trailer and the premise of the movie.


The story is rather simple, Sukhwinder A.K.A Sunny(Sharib Hashmi) living in Delhi is a struggling actor currently working as an Assistant Director in hopes to make it big as an actor because “Acting ki bareekiya camera ke peeche se hi pata chalti hai” roughly translated to “The specifics of acting can only be observed from behind the camera”. He is the A.D. of a documentary being filmed in Rajasthan with a group of foreigners. He is abducted by a group of Pakistani terrorists, mistaken as a foreigner so the terrorists can have their wishes fulfilled.


What follows is a tale of connection of human hearts through the medium of cinema. The aspirations of the people, their dreams, their lives. Never has a movie done a better job of making every character feel like a human, even the terrorists. A rarity, but the movie succeeds in making us believe that like us, they too have hearts which feel, goals which they would like to achieve, a past that they would like to erase and regrets that they wish didn’t exist.


The script has three topics that it touches upon. One, a man’s struggle for freedom. Second, the Indo-Pak relations and the way the people in Pakistan live. And third, cinema as a way to connect human hearts. A cure for our inherent need to classify everything. However, the script feels a bit scattered. Just a bit less than enough time is given to all three. But it works, courtesy of some sharp dialogues and simple one-liners which stab you right through the heart.


What holds all three together are some fluid performances? The cast isn’t your usual A-grade Bollywood cast. These are names most of haven’t even heard before, but they work. And it works on levels which makes you feel fir tem. Be it Sunny’s mimicry of Indian actors and his rebellions or Aftaab’s beliefs and heated arguments with Mahmood Bhai about life, religion and duty, the performances are real And there’s this one scene in there middle of the movie that his this inherent goodness about it, a  certain piousness that I felt. Hint-There’s a song playing in the background.


What this movie has isn’t dimply ambition, but purity as well as heart and piousness as well as some grains if innocence mixed in as well. A rare combination, kind of like a child.


So, is this movie amazing? Except for some lousy editing at times, Hell Yes. Would I watch it again and again? Bet on it. Was the ending of the most amazing and special endings in a long time? Don’t even get me started on its sheer awesomeness. Should you watch it? Yes. I don’t care who you are or where you live, move and watch this movie. This is a gem that cannot be missed.




2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Filmistaan

  1. Undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood movies in a long long time. The kind that restores your faith in Bollywood filmmakers and that we don’t just make stupid romantic comedies(specially the ones shot in Switzerland! -_-) It was an honour to have witnessed such perfection onscreen. Great individual performances by Sharib ‘Sunny’ Hashmi and Inaamulhaq.
    A good review indeed Shrey. Hoping to read a new review very soon.
    P.S. – Shrey is jealous that i saw this movie twice, he just wont admit it.

    • Agreed! And the next review will most probably of How To Train Your Dragon 2, will be up in sometime. And yes, just a bit jealous that you got to see it twice.

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