Movie Review – How To Train Your Dragon 2


A little late for the review, but a fever caught me, so apologies!


It has been an awfully long time since I’ve seen a sequel as good as How To Train Your Dragon 2. Movie too, but mostly sequel. As such, it is up there with The Dark Knight, Star Wars Episode V and The Godfather 2 in the list of good sequels.

The movie is set five years after the end of the first. A lot has changed since then,. Dragon riding has become a sport and dragons have become a part of Berk. A lot like family. Hiccup has grown, Toothless has grown, and so has the world that the movie encompasses.

The new lands as well as characters are diverse, be it the little baby dragons never listening to anyone or a fort destroyed by an ice breathing huge dragon or the brutal camp of our villain Drago Bloodvist or the humongous size of the Bewilderbeast, roughly thousands of time any other dragon I’d reckon.

All these scenes instill a sense of how the world really should be like, a lot like our expectations but at the same time shattering them.

The plot is a very basic good against evil plot, that though is predictable, works. Courtesy of some strong characters, be it the pack of friends from the first movie, Drago himself, Hiccup or his supposedly dead mother (HELLOOO!)! This time around, Jay does justice to his role, unlike last time where he seemed casual about the character.

What helped as well was the timing of the comedic moments. Interspersed beautifully throughout the film, a lot like The Dark Knight. This is not to say that the film doesn’t do justice to the more serious of moments. But the comedy helps in doing justice to the audience so they don’t suffer.

The film trades in some of the more lighthearted, calm scenes from the first movie for some emotionally fuelled and intense scenes. Really depends on the viewer whether they appreciated the change or not.

Like I said before, the voice acting this time was better. It clicked. The voice actors were in tune with their characters. It just clicked. Last time it was scattered but this time around it adds real fuel to the movie.

Theme wise, the sequel is the same as the first. Both are coming of age films. The second however does a better job. Why so? Well a little spoiler follows, so read the next paragraph if you’re faint of heart! Right in the beginning, Stoic tells Hiccup that he is to be the new chief. The film then deals with Hiccup’s rise to the occasion set in motion by his own stubbornness and father.


All in all, this movie is one hell of a ride. Much better than the first and worth watching.



2 thoughts on “Movie Review – How To Train Your Dragon 2

  1. Good review Shrey. It was a very grown-up movie, even if it was for kids. Yet, it still worked by how emotional it could, and would get throughout its run-time.

    • Than you!
      Animated movies now a days are becoming more and more relevant and intense. The Lego Movie this year was one such example and I’m hoping that Planes-Search and Rescue is another such tale.

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