Desert Man


All for the lack of a better title.

This is my first poem after a drought of about sixteen months i wrote back in March. I used a lot of pop culture references in this, to release a lot of built up Abed Energy as well as move the plot forward.


I see this five foot nine man

Walking, crawling, falling, rising

In this gold infinite hell.


Why do you explore, you brown

Haired, blue eyed wanderer?

Are you lost or are you not?


Whqat do you search for in

These six hundred miles? A lost

Treasure or an ancient city?


Or do you search for something

Special, magical to fill the empty

Vessel on the dagger you sheathe?


Do you search for the love you left

In a cave three days ago, or

Your chance at redemption?


Why do you wander?

Are you here to stay,

Or like all others, drift away?


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