Ramblings-Going Away


I wrote this piece in a competition whose theme was the North-East of India, which is still neglected by the government and is relatively isolated from the rest of the country, hence people don’t have much knowledge regarding it. Here goes!

Mother always called the Northeast the Shangri-La of India. Lush, calm, serene.

A perfect place for mother to send me to.

A change in scenario to calm my nerves from the bouts of crippling self-doubt I’ve been experiencing. Though I believe mother has a lot to do with it.

She has always pushed me into unknown places and unfamiliar scenarios to punish me. She has always manipulated me into believing there’s something wrong with the city life and the seven sisters will provide me some relief.

Now she’s pushing me away to a place whose geography culture and life is unknown to me. Unknown to all who lived in the city. She wants me to lose myself in a land far far away. It’s scary. I’m scared.


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