I could only remember him in my Memory


I remember being asked whether I remembered him. I answered I did. They asked me how, when, where. I told them about it. I remembered when I closed my eyes.

It would grow dark. I couldn’t see him anywhere. I would feel lost, unable to know where to start searching. I would grow fretful, where was he? Where was he gone? I couldn’t find him and I would fret. But then, slowly I would realise he wasn’t in the present.

Then I would take a breath and calm myself down. Then I would find him. It was in the memory. My memory. I knew it was him. Because there was a fire all around there. His eyes were burning up. The only light in the miles and miles of darkness that surrounds him in my memories. I realised then he only existed in the past. I could only remember him in my memory.

Ah a short story. It feels very rejuvenating to write short stories in between big ones! Do sound off in the comments below as to how you found it!


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