Experiences of Bedtime-1


It’s already 3:00 AM, and once again, my sleep is a few hours late, arriving very early, in the coldest January night in a place like India. But then again, the universe is a raging sea of randomness, and the universe is molecules striking each other in random manner. Utter chaos.
All this time, there is a certain sound that has distracted me. You can relate it to so many other sounds, but can never quite put your finger on it.
The sound is like water from a tap falling on a cement floor, only way crispier, say like a rough metallic object being dragged on a road or an equally rough surface, or maybe a miniature Ferris wheel with rusty joints. So many analogies, none precise enough.
It’s only natural for a bored mind, waiting to board the train to Sleeping Town from Insomnia City to observe such noises. The sound is intriguing as to what it really is, but as to why it is all the more engrossing.
Maybe the incessantly barking dog knows something about it, or the dear neighbourhood ghost has found a way to keep us all awake. Maybe it is just the one-eyed gardener mowing his lawn or my train finally arriving like it has been for the past few hours.
Given the curiosity of my mind, I would remove the protection of my blanket and walk up to my window, pull the curtains aside and peer into the darkness. But, my laziness forbids me to do so, leaving this sound a mystery for another night.

This is one of my oldest works yet! Written back in 2012, though typed for the first time in 2013. Experiences of Bedtime has been one of my most favourite works yet, and even after four years, it has still been with me. I had always planned on making Experiences of Bedtime my first novel ever, the collection of the nightly ramblings of a man unable to sleep. Somehow, in the four years ever since the first ever story, this one, even though I wrote six other parts, the whole idea got lost on me.
Recently, I started writing stories similar to Experiences of Bedtime, with the same character as narrator and like I said, the story somehow somehow remained with me. And the sheer love I have for this style of writing, made me revive it.
I will be rewriting almost all the pieces, and forming the story anew, and adding various more parts that will not be a part of the main story but will be simple writings regarding the character.
I hope this piece becomes as endearing to you as it has come to be for me!
Happy Reading!


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