Sorry Readers


This is an apology post to all the readers of my blog. It’s been six days since my previous blog post and I have been really inactive.  I should have posted this before, since I anticipated something like this could happen, but I thought it wouldn’t.

It’s my cousin brother’s wedding this Friday(WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!), so I’ve been out of town since Saturday. We got back yesterday night(It’s 2:20 AM in India as I type this), and I first thought it was imperative to finally watch “The Pursuit of Happyness”(A beautiful movie by the way. A must watch for everybody). before I got into the flow of a proper blog post. I have worked on new material, but since I didn’t have my laptop or my registers, I didn’t have access to any of my older works I could have posted.

Again, I am very sorry for my inactivity readers. I promise to try and stay as active as possible!


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