Music Recommendation-Boys Like Girls


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This has to be the craziest post I have maybe ever possibly thought of. A Music Recommendation. I would’ve never thought it. But hey, since I’m always on the lookout for amazing books and movies to share, why not music as well?
This first recommendation ever is for Boys Like Girls. I’m basing this recommendation only on their eponymous debut album. I haven’t heard any of their other songs. So, this is one band which has made its way into my heart and my playlist regulars. The funniest part about this is they were introduced to me by a person whom I didn’t really like. So I guess the lesson is, your taste in people is not reflective of their taste in music. They have the loud rock energy which I usually associate to the 2000’s and light pop elements. Overall, their songs feel energetic and relax you, in a chill you out kind of a way.
I’m pretty sure most of the people would have already heard bits and pieces of them, such as “The Great Escape” and “Thunder” (Now who hasn’t heard this song? As much an amazing piece as “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s.). Most of their songs deal with adolescent themes than the easily believed boys “liking girls”. It’s the primary theme but Boys Like Girls has also explored more deep themes as well, such as the partying culture, the need for breaks and the pressures of adolescence and also delving into much more open ended deeper themes in “On Top of the World”.
Plus, another reason I love their songs is because they at times also feel almost poetic; as though they had originally written a poem and then made a song out of it. You can imagine entire scenarios listening to their songs. What more could you ask for when listening to a song? Plus, the songs themselves are so light, it feels effortless the whole time spent listening to their songs.
So, do listen to these guys and give them a chance!



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