My Lost Friend(Mera Bichra Yaar)


“Far away there is a village. There is a lot of cold shade there. There are flowing streams. Across those streams we must go. Because I have a lost friend waiting for me there.”

This is a story from a long long time ago, an era maybe. One day I was sleeping. It was eleven in the night. I was deep in sleep till all of a sudden, my eyes opened. I couldn’t understand why. There weren’t any falling sensations in my sleep nor did I have a bad dream. It was shocking, since I rarely wake up so randomly. But I tried to not think much of it and tried to sleep again.
I twisted and turned and forcefully shut my eyes, but sleep wouldn’t come to me. I kicked at the bedsheet and did the classic one leg out the covers, but nothing. It felt as though my sleep had been stolen.
I lay on my back and tried to calm myself, guessing it could help. Just then, I saw a white outline running towards my window. I jumped out of my bed and chased it. It was like a spectre. It had no legs and hovered incredibly fast out my window. It had a brown bag in its left hand which it held tightly, as though it had something of great importance.
I ran after it till my window and when I reached it, I think I saw the thing which changed my life.
It was right there, some distance away from me, completely replacing the city skyline. I saw the spectre floating away in the darkness towards a place where it seemed to be broad daylight. Broad daylight. I was incredulous, but it was there. It was a huge place, a land full of well-spaced houses, with cool air coming from a nearby fast flowing stream. There were huge trees which provided lots of shade. There were chairs and beds out in the open, full of people. They were talking and enjoying themselves. Eating food, drinking various juices. Little children chasing each other and falling on top of each other. I could clearly see each and every face. Relaxed, happy. I scanned through that huge bright expanse, absorbing everything.
At the periphery, my eyes caught the forgotten spectre with the brown bag. He floated to a man sitting comfortably on a charpai, his back against the all of a house. The spectre handed over the bag to that man; and then as though the sunlight had eaten it, it vanished.
I saw it with lucidity. Even though it was far away, I knew there was no mistake. The man with the bag looked at me and I looked back. We both smiled at each other and I knew. That bag had my sleep in it; and that man had sent the spectre to go and collect it. Till I didn’t get it back, I would never be able to sleep again.
Far away there is a village. There is a lot of cold shade there. There are flowing streams. Across those streams we must go. Because I have a lost friend waiting for me there.
It had been a long time, a long time indeed. He was my lost best friend, one I couldn’t keep in contact with and lost somewhere. Now I knew where he was, and he had my sleep. Good thing too; because even if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have rested till I met him. And I started packing. Because he was out there, waiting for me, my lost best friend.

Mera Bichra Yaar ia shindi word which roughly translates to “My Lost Friend”.

It’s a song by a Pakistani band “Strings”(Link of the song here). It’s a beautiful and amazing song, which has such vivid and calm imagery, which I’ve used to create this story, of a far away village with lots of cold shade and flowing streams. This is just one of the stories which I’ve written based upon the imagery of this song. To all people who understand Hindi, you’ll fall in love with the lyrics of this song. TO all the people who don’t understand Hindi, listen to this song as well; because its music video and its music is calming, regardless of whether you don’t get the lyrics.
Happy Reading!


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