Movie Review- Kahaani 2


Kahaani 2, also Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh. The follow up to the delightful Kahaani, released in 2013.
Kahaani 2 is a good movie. It doesn’t top Kahaani, nor does it reach Kahaani’s standards, but that’s okay. Kahaani 2 is a very different movie from the original Kahaani. The original Kahaani was a thriller, in every sense of the word. It didn’t delve into the stories of the characters and there wasn’t a lot of time especially dedicated to back stories. All we got to know about the characters was when the movie was moving forward. Kahaani was fast paced, exciting, and had one of the most amazing resolutions to a story. Just in case you haven’t seen Kahaani, do. It’s one hell of a movie, one of the best movies Bollywood has offered in the previous years in the thriller genre.
Kahaani 2 on the other hand, has elements of thriller mixed in with drama. It takes its time to explain the characters and the premise, what’s going on and tackles a major issue (I’ll be delving into that at the end of the post). It gives fewer thrills and fast paced moments than the original. It sets up the tale of a mother and daughter and a whole web of lies and mysteries which surrounds them. Kahaani 2 doesn’t want to rehash the original formula. It takes the risk of adding more story elements, more backstories and more connections in the formula. They don’t mesh together as well as the elements of the original, they keep the movie fresh but also make it sluggish for a thriller.
Kahaani 2 has its ups and downs and thrills in the dialogues, not the action sequences in the original (This is because Kahaani 2 has clichés here and there). The story is tense, the stakes are high since the start. There is no break to rest for the characters, and they tread on and on and on tirelessly, till we reach the resolution of the film, which might be one of the most beautiful and twisty twist ends in a film. That moment alone makes you say “WOW”, at the sheer ingenuity of it, though, it can come off as a less thrilling or twisty to the seasoned movie goer.
Kahaani 2 too again puts Vidya Balan in the lead role as Vidya Sinha, the mother of Minnie (Tunisha Sharma), who is paralyzed from the waist down. Arjun Rampal plays sub-inspector Inderjeet Singh who has been recently transferred to Chandar Nagar, a small town, where Vidya and Minnie live.
Acting wise, I don’t think there is much to say for Vidya Balan or Arjun Rampal. They do very well given the limited space given to their characters; clichéd and familiar, very little variation to differentiate them from various characters we have already seen in previous movies. The resolute mother and the hardened police officer.
Jugal Hansraj has a role in this movie. His acting in his character is superb. He deserved more screen time, and his character deserved more depth. At the same time however, there was no reason for the story to keep his characters as more than one dimensional. His acting was superb enough to make you want more of his character.
Tunisha Sharma plays the present Minnie and Naisha Khanna plays the younger Minnie. Tunisha Sharma didn’t get a lot of screen time. Naisha Khanna as the younger Minnie was amazing. The way she portrayed a little child with a lot of troubles and her quirks and feeble smile from amidst what she couldn’t understand, amazing.
As for the major issue, anyone who doesn’t want any spoilers, please stop reading and skip ahead to the last paragraph. Anyone interested may continue.
The major issue, which is major because of its implications, not because of the time dedicated to it in the story is of Child Abuse. Minnie, as a child was abused by her uncle. The movie raises points about the ignorance we have towards this. People think a family member, who loves the child could never possibly do such a thing. The police and external people don’t believe such a thing could happen because the family is so complete and respectable. The family members can justify it out of blinding love for the perpetrator. The perpetrators don’t realise that at such a young age, the children will mistake abuse for love and live with this misconception for the rest of their lives. Also, in the event the story of abuse gets out, the child, being young and feeble and easily manipulated is forced to believe it is their mistake, that for their abuse, they were suitably compensated with gifts and dresses. As put rightly in the movie(I don’t remember the exact words), “Child abuser koi alag nahi hote. Humare jaise hi hote hai (Child abusers aren’t different. They are just like us)”
This is the last paragraph. This is where you must skip to, all those who skipped the issue. Kahaani 2, while being a less thrilling movie, delivers a powerful message. The message makes up in bits for the places where the story falters, because no matter how good or bad the movie, the message felt as an important theme which was uncompromisingly put forward for the world. In a country like India, where many things are ignored, such as women safety, psychosomatic diseases, such a message it powerful and much needed. Kahaani 2 is a vastly different film from the original, but should be seen at least once for its message and what it tries to tell us.

Rating – 3/4

The first review of the three days review! Kahaani 2!
Hope everyone enjoys it!
Happy Reading!


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