Their Highness, the Potato


Oh all hail his highness!
Brown on the outside,
Skin coloured on the in.

Their highness, the Potato.

Oh great highness, I sing
Your praises and I revel in
Your greatness and usefulness.
I know not why people say
You are bad, and look down on you.
Call people your name for
When they sir comfortably on a couch.

Why! Oh why I ask the cruelty
They use you name such.
You are a wonder, a marvel!
You allow us to make fries of French,
Actually originating from Belgium.
You allow us to make drinks of
Alcohol and use in mashed form
With every food.
We can mix your form with
Cheese and beans and what not!
Even burnt, you are a tasty delight
Can we do that with turnip or pulses?
Or Rice or maize or bananas?

Oh tell me you cruel world,
In what crusade have you made
Our great highness so? He is good,
He is right, He is awesome!
If you truly want to hate someone,
Let it be Onions!
They make you cry!



6 thoughts on “Their Highness, the Potato

  1. I really like how you have noticed the greatness of the oh-so-simple potato. Potato is the King for me as well. I hope you’ll try to read more and more cause it deeply affects in making up the things that your writing lacks for now.
    Cheers Mate!

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