Finally! I’m all packed and ready to move out of this apartment. Wow! I’m happy I’m leaving.
It’s the people who live above me. All throughout my one year stay in the apartment, they’ve been the weirdest people ever. I think they’re in a cult.
Every night I used to lay down in my bedroom at around eleven. From the floor above, I would always hear these strange sounds. Most of the times it was a hammering sound. Two hammers being pounded, one on wooden furniture and the other on a nail. The hammering was rhythmic and in sync. They seemed like professional hammer music makers.
Other times, it was the sound of furniture or footsteps. The furniture was being moved around. Usually it was wood, with the very full sound it made when it was set on the floor or the more silent hssss sound it made when being slid. There were steel items moved around as well; recognisable by their high pitched mechanical screech. I think they were always pushing the steel around, because it was too heavy to carry. All this furniture was frequently opened and closed as well, making loud bangs each time.
Accompanying all this was the sound of heavy footsteps and hushed chit chat. Like, you guessed, they were in a cult.
It was always fun to think about what was going on up there and laugh. Before sleep gripped me inevitably every night, I always had funny questions. “Why do these people never sleep?” “Why do they make so much noise?” “How buff are their hands with all hammering and furniture moving?” “Are their ears still functioning?”
One night I remember there was the sound of folk music coming from their home. It was in a language alien to me. The music felt nice and sonorous. For a single night, I heard singing and some tinge of happiness in their voices. They felt human. Real people with lives extending beyond incessant hammering and moving furniture around.
A couple of days after the singing, I had the scariest dream I’ve ever had, yet. It was scary for that moment because of just how insane it had become, but I’ve laughed about it ever since.
In my dream, I was peacefully asleep. All of a sudden, I felt as though something fell on my face. A drop of water, but heavier. I moved my hand to clear it. It fell again, this time more. Annoyed, I opened my eyes and cleared my face and switched on my light from beside the bed. I saw a hole in my ceiling, a high pitched song being sung in unison coming from there. There were bangs from a hammer and the hole became bigger; from a crumb to a huge circle in my ceiling. From all around the circle, there were these weird, oval headed, big eyes humanoids looking at me. They all shared malicious smiles on their faces, as though they had been hunting for prey and finally cornered it.
I woke up at that instant. All throughout the part since I’d woken up in the dream, I felt as though I was awake and feeling all of it, not me in the dream.
I knew there was no hole, but I still looked up. I saw there was no hole. I further realised for a change, there was no sound coming from the upper floor. I laughed at the prospect these people slept as well, albeit later.
I went back to sleep eventually. Sleep came, but differently. I remembered how sleeping in complete silence felt like again.
That was the only night when I slept in silence. Now moving out, I hope I’ll have more of these nights.


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