Movie Review-Jolly LLB 2


When Jolly LLB was released, it won over a lot of hearts and became a moderate success at the box office. It is a simple film with simple elements. A plain and simple story, simple and honest characters, most importantly, an everyday man everyone could relate to. A man who fought and defeated a big shot lawyer, though also because his passion pulled the judge in his favour.
Come the sequel, and the straight as a needle character is changed at the start. Jagdishwar Mishra, urf Jolly (Akshay Kumar) comes off as more of a player. He plays the system and people’s emotions to get his way. It is only when the plot thickens and he is way out of his depth do we get to see the straight common man being troubled by those with more power.
The story is full of twists and turns and bureaucracy and greed in the echelons of the police. Jolly LLB 2 is more majestic, cinematic and dramatic than the original. While the original was a simple steady river, LLB 2 is a raging river which isn’t afraid to pull big waves of dramatic scenes. While the sequel loses the simple charm of the original, it creates a position of its own.
Jolly LLB 2 could be termed as a bad sequel, because it doesn’t adhere to the style which made the first movie so great; but never a bad movie. As a movie, it is terrific. Funnily enough though, even though LLB 2 doesn’t follow the spirit of the original movie, it does have all the twists and turns of the first. You could put the stories of the two movie side by side and see no difference. The only difference comes across in direction and conflict and its magnitude.
In our talks and hypes of Kaabil and Raees, we never gave Jolly LLB 2 all that much attention. Ironically, it is Jolly LLB 2 which is the best of the lot and more deserving of our attention.
LLB 2 is formulaic and clichéd, but it never seems so. It checks all the points: Good guy is a good guy, but circumstances force him to do something bad, that bad thing has repercussions, which force good guy to do good things which involve him making a lot of sacrifices, essentially cementing that he is good. Also, doing the good thing gets the good guy into life threatening situations, but he doesn’t ever give up. He goes through a lot of hardships, but he never gives up and eventually good prevails!!! WOOOHHOOOO!!!!
Know what the funny thing is? Till I sat down to write this review, I hadn’t notices much of these points as well. Till I didn’t give it enough thought and stripped the story down, I never caught onto the formula. That’s how well executed Jolly LLB 2 is.
Akshay Kumar won my heart with this rile. This is undeniably Akshay Kumar’s finest role in the past couple of years. He pulls it off to perfection with his role as Jagdishwar Mishra urf Jolly. Akshay Kumar is the embodiment of the common man we all can relate to.
Like all stories, this story requires a villain too. This time around, the villains are pretty terrible people. Much more so than the now looking like a nice person Boman Irani and his client. Annu Kappor plays Pramod Mathur, the bad judge defending his guilty client for so many things, you actually lose track. And his client, dirty, terrible, heinous cop Suryaveer Singh, played by Kumud Mishra.
There are plenty of cameos/short roles in LLB2. They have little parts all throughout the film; some at the beginning, some at the end, some intermittent throughout the film. Except for the characters I’ve mentioned and one more I’m about to; all the roles have little screen time and massive impact.
A lot of Jolly LLB’s heart was Saurabh Shukla, as Justice Sunderlal Tripathi. Just like the many plot points the sequel kept, it also kept this element from the original. I’m sure glad they did. As will everyone who enjoyed the first movie will. Saurabh Shukla is once again the buffoon but serious judge who has an intuition when things are going wrong and ominous He is the reason both the Jolly films were Jolly(Wink Wink. Yes, that’s a pun). His character is a moving force for the story as well as the unbiased opinion of a person who has no idea what is going on, looking at it from the outside and judging based solely on the facts.
Jolly LLB 2 strays from the original in the first half a lot. The first half is busy in building up Jolly’s character which is not a bad things. But it does have a lot of melodrama and stupid dance sequences. For those with Bollywood Masala-intolerance, the first half will feel like a drag.
The second half picks up pace; with the third act kicking it up several notches all at once. It becomes intense, fast and hitting; all the things you want in a film. It returns to the intense courtroom action of the original (though more intense), the verbal banter between the lawyers, their palpable animosity, desperation for comebacks, the quick comebacks and the lies.
Jolly LLB 2 is the first good Bollywood movie this year. It easily has a shot at Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actors (Annu Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla), and Best Dialogue. Jolly LLB 2 is amazing and I recommend it to everyone.



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