Hectic Week


Whew! The last week has been incredibly hectic and posting on the blog has taken a backseat. On Monday, I had a theatre performance after a longggg time. It was fun and amazing. I’ll post a photo of it, or a video if I get one. It was amazing! I poured all of my Friday, Saturday an Sunday into it. I’m proud of where I got to in three days. It was amazing and exciting.
I’ll be acting again next Monday and Tuesday, i.e. 10th and 11th of April for an event called Theatre Gallery(I’ll make sure to make a blog post about it to tell everyone about its unprecedented awesomeness and scale!). I’ve also poured in all my writing time available into writing for the Theatre Gallery. The characters, the scenes and the feel of it.
And like every final year student, I have job placements; which take up a lot of your time if you go for them. I had three this last week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. A lot of time gone!
I’ve also recently seen two new movies, the Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Sci-fi Horror “Life” and the Taapsee Pannu starrer “Naam Shabana”. I also recently finished the amazing “Stoner” by John WIlliams. I’ll be getting around to their reviews and recommendations respectively as soon as I can. I also have a couple of new stories in the works, one which I’ve worked on for a week now. Plus, I got a PS4 Pro, so brace yourself for new game reviews and images and gameplay videos! All the time I used to put into writing, I now devote to the PS4 Pro and in some time, also Rainbow Six Seige.
In between all this, I make time for writing and work slowly and steadily on a multitude of pieces.
So, once I’m free-er, I’ll get back to posting with the same vigor and frequency as before.
Happy Reading!


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