I go to seek a Great Perhaps


“I go to seek a Great Perhaps”. There are the last words of a French poet, Frank Rabelais. There words are quoted by Miles Halter in “Looking for Alaska”; in two readings of the book, they have assumed massive importance.
At the beginning of the book, Miles is bored of his life in Florida and aims to go seek a Great Perhaps, a place where he will have adventures and enjoy his life more than he presently is. In all honesty, isn’t that what all of us are searching for in our lives? A grand adventure, where we have great fun and find ourselves.
For me, the Great Perhaps has been college. It has been my greatest adventure, the grandest roller coaster I have been in yet. It’s gone up, it’s gone down, but it’s always been moving; never stopping. That’s how adventures should be, shouldn’t they? Always in motion; never stopping, even for a second. And alas it’s coming to an end too soon after four years. I can silk, or cry or laugh, but at the end, I must accept it. Everything that has a beginning must have an end.
I’ve don’t it all here, coming in from my previous Great Perhaps, School. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and done the craziest of things, some of which are: Making jokes the entire class because I couldn’t write down anything because I had a plaster, Leaving college at 10:40PM after entering at 7:00AM, jumping around in the college all the time, sleeping in classes because I had gone for a morning walk, proposing to my girlfriend in Sri Ram Centre, arguably the best place to do such a thing, putting in four glorious years in Dhwani, organising a Street Play competition with the team and performing at numerous competitions, randomly walking in the streets all the time till late in the night, selling people everything from soaps and shampoos to T-Shirts and sweatshirts, and so many more moments which make life worth living and remembering. I have a tough time recalling everything, because I don’t want to flood this article and because I can’t explain without my voice and my body movement how much many of the little moments shaped me and how thoroughly I’ve enjoyed them and will remember them. I found out who I was, to an extent, and became, maybe, a better person. It’s just like any great adventure should be; memorable, exhilarating, and worthwhile. I wouldn’t change a thing in it; even if I had the opportunity to.
It has prepares me for my next Great Perhaps, leaving college and going out into the world; with all the memories and friends I’ve gained.
It’s not so much the Great Perhaps without you putting your heart and soul into it. Without taking risks and chances; doing what your heart tells you to; without all these little little moments which constitute a great adventure, it is just a Perhaps. Perhaps: The place where there could’ve been fun and adventures. The Great Perhaps is the place we all want to be in, the Perhaps is where most of us find ourselves daily.
Stepping into college, I never thought it would be my Great Perhaps. It all just happened. Al the craziness, all the fun, all the friends, all the fests, all the excitement, all the things which took place. It never occurred what would happen if I did any of these things. Would it add to my CV? Would I be happy doing all this? Would I love doing it? We all just did it because we wanted to. We never cared about the outcome. We just threw ourselves into it. Just like every film, TV, book or video game character dos. Head first, without a care in the world, but with the undying confidence that we will handle all problems life throws out way. We jumped into the water first, then thought what he would do.
I guess this it now. The Great Perhaps is slowly coming to an end. I don’t know what to make of it, how to feel. I guess I’ll know when the time comes. We learn how we deal with some things when they come to us.
So, everyone, go out and seek your Great Perhaps and do whatever you want. Live your life as you see fit. Every place in these years of college is an opportunity. No Photography society in the college? Start one. Want to skip a few classes and watch a movie? Do it. Want to have a great fest? Go organise it. Just do it. Do it with all your heart and don’t care what happens. Be the hero you adore in films and TV and books and video games. Be you.
As I leave college, my last words for all of you are this:
“College has all but ended for me. So now I go seek a Great Perhaps. A new one.”

Ah yes, the last article I’ve ever written for college. This was my goodbye, my letter to the students in the college to cherish this place, and learn from its ample opportunities, rather than focusing and berating it for what it doesn’t have. This was my last advice to everyone there, for college and beyond, to live life like they want. Life needs to be big, not long.


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