The London Food Diaries


So, here I am, in London! It’s been 4 days since my grand arrival to this land of different food and landscapes and buildings. Even before I got here, I knew I would be busy clicking photos of all the food items and shops and notebooks I see and buy here. So, on Sunday night, it struck me. Why not do a whole series of it, on Instagram, Twitter and the blog? I love food, and pictures, and so many people do it, why shouldn’t I also do it in my free time? It will be a great way to spend free time, since it’s tough to write here (I’ve written 2 minutes in the last five days).
So, then I decided I would start the London Food Diaries. Even though it is called Food Diaries, it will include photos of the magnificent buildings, the road side, the Harry Potter WB Tour( Awwwww yessss!! Potter-philes, get excited), the Disney Store and a lot of Star Wars goodies (You didn’t think I would include Harry Potter and leave out Star Wars. Tch Tch Tch.), notebooks which I’ve bought, and of course, food.
I haven’t really thought how I’ll integrate all this into the blog, but I have a clear idea how I’ll do it for Instagram.
Also, I’ll soon be starting a new Instagram account for the blog in some time.
Till then, all the pictures will be on my Instagram profile – shrey_ahuja (hyperlinked with my profile), You can search me on Insta as shrey_ahuja . It’ll be a pseudo-intellectual picture of me trying to appear smart, along with a “Joey doesn’t share food” tagline and a link to the blog.
Right now, I have to go for breakfast, because there is amazing breakfast options here, it’s already 9 AM here and everyone wants to go out. So, I’ll start posting when I come back from hanging around today. Till then, Au revoir.
Happy Reading!


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