Energized Efforts


This is such a tacky name for an article, but it suits what I’ve to say. ¬†For everyone following my blog, there is some amazing news! I’m working on a new logo for my blog, and it should be up and ready within the next week, after which I’ll start Instagram, Facebook, be more active on Twitter and maybe start writing on Reddit and more on MyTrendingStories (I’ve fallen in love with Reddit over the past few months, especially random reads on NoSleep).

Plus, I’m working (albeit lazily) on my novel (Still untitled, and I can’t properly reveal what it is about, since I haven’t defined it properly) and a new short story, called The Assassination. Writing a novel is not easy, especially when you’re battling sleep deprivation and boredom and the incessant pressure of what is to become of your life. Plus, there is always the struggle that writing is only 10% writing and 90% thinking and ideation and refinement; all the things which become tiresome just too soon; so it’s a perpetual challenge to go past the 90% to write to your heart’s content.

Also, yesterday I checked and turns out that my theme, BonPress is no longer used and has been depreciated, so I’ll be giving the blog a facelift as well (for the time being, since I still utilize the free plan).

Plus, I’ve read a couple of amazing books, and I’ve played Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and fallen back in love with Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, so expect more gaming on the blog. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll also start a Youtube Channel, which will focus on gaming and video blogging. The Youtube channel is still speculation, but it’ll be fun to do it though.

That’s it for today. Happy Reading!