Musings is a new category which I added to the blog about two months ago. My other categories are too focused and specific, so the topics which I write about in Musings required a new home.
Musings is an outlet for all the things which I want to tell the world about in an informal way; such as what I’m doing with my life, where it’s headed, my goals and aims, advice I want to give to everyone, especially writers and artists (all my advice is open to attack and criticism. Feel free to dissent wherever you feel its need), and little things which we all face in our lives.
Musings is a mirror to my life, in its rawest form. It shows what I believe in, my thoughts, my philosophies, my passions without a character as a filter. This is me, doing what I love doing best, talking to the world andĀ speaking my heart out.
The list of all my Musings is as follows ( Listed chronologically, newest first):