This is another action scene. This was written well before Untitled -2 and Untitled-3! The inspirations for this were in random parts Batman, Assassins creed and Star Wars! If i did ever write more on this, it would be science fiction.

Cars. So many beautiful cars. All standing next to each other. Parked, in this huge parking lot. Parking lot of Cars under One Roof. This is the place to be for any car lover. Black, blue, red, violet, all the cars that money could buy, Nissan Micra, Nissan Leaf, Bugatti Veyron, Tesla Roadster and Bmw series 7. The best part about it, I can sit here in peace and enjoy the scenery. Even the sunrays came down and kissed these cars. It felt as though nothing could ruin this moment.

As I observed them all in silence, I heard a few noises. Before I could even move my eyes, I saw a man get pushed into my view. The man was well dressed and well built. He wore a pair of denims, which seemed like C&K to me. I also believed that he wore a shirt, under his zipped white Adidas jacket, I could tell by the design. He also wore a small necklace in the shape of a capsule. He was rather muscular; his biceps were prominent, even under his clothing. He stood at 6 feet 3, 250 pounds I’d say. His face was a light brown, full of black facial hair. His eyes were hidden behind his Armani glasses.  Rich, but not exactly the most stylish person in the world.

As soon as I completed the description, another man came running, jumped and used both his feet to kick the not-so-stylish man, but was blocked. The man was a more mysterious personality. He looked like a cross between a Jedi and a Hassansin. He had white khaki robes, closed from the front, a hood that covered his face and a red cape, a bit like that of Superman’s. He was about 5 feet 8, 180 pounds I’d say. He looked way more amazing in that simple get-up.

The mysterious guy started to run towards the other man, during which he flicked his wrists and       protruded two daggers from his sleeves. The man on the other hand took out a sword under his jacket, a one handed scimitar, which only made him look way cooler. Both of them started to proficiently swing their weapons at one another. The not-so-stylish man was less trained. He had a lot of wasted moves; he couldn’t block or dodge quite a few strikes and let his guard down a bit.

The Hassansin-Jedi crossover guy was rather skilled and clever. He blocked all of the strikes and did not have a single wasted move. He then rolled towards his right and quickly threw a knife at the other man, which he blocked. He then threw another knife and started running behind it. The knife was blocked but the crossover guy stepped on the scimitar, jumped and delivered a roundhouse kick to the man, which knocked of his shades and sent him rolling.

In that brief moment, I saw both their eyes. The not-so-stylish man had simple black eyes, full of fear. The crossover guy on the other hand divine blue eyes.

He soon ran towards the man and stomped him and then picked his much taller adversary up. Now I was certain that there was no shirt underneath the jacket.  The not-so-stylish man tried to reach for his necklace but it was thrown away The crossover guy then made the same gesture with his right hand and out came a double barreled sawed off shotgun. He fired a shot at the necklace. The shotgun produced two big balls of energy moving at faster than the thrown away necklace. As soon as it struck the necklace, the necklace started to glow red.

As soon as that happened, the man let out a half smile, revealing a few broken teeth. The crossover guy then threw his gun to his right, where it stuck to his robe.

“I think that’s going to explode?” the crossover guy said to himself. His voice was not heavy, just the usual male voice. He then made the same gesture with his left hand and the necklace flew towards his palm. He then shoved it down the other mans throat and threw him into the air.

As the body was in air, a blue light emanated from it and the man made a wave to him. Pretty cool if you ask me. In a split second the blue light became huge and in a flash the man disappeared.

“What?” the crossover guy spoke in a baffled voice.”What just happened? Was that a transporter capsule I just shoved into him instead of an exploder capsule? They are not going to like this”

He then turned around and took of his cape. As soon as he did, his whole attire changed. He was now wearing blue denim and a red hoodie and the glove transformed into a black glove which he wore on his right hand and walked away from the parking lot.




This Untitled is an experimental action piece i wrote in November last year if i remember correctly. I’m not sure how many people are going to find this interesting and I don’t even know if the action is good or not, but this was worth a shot. I wrote it after playing too much of Batman:Arkham Asylum and watching The Dark Knight Rises!

It was another hot day in India. The sun was up, so was the temperature. It was the wind that was down. But that never stops the youth from having fun, does it?

In a huge park somewhere in Delhi, there was a group of friends, about 17-18. Huge bottles of coke, snacks and music, the perfect plan, isn’t it? In the loud music, there was a huge boy, dancing with no care in the world. Long hair, a huge beard and extra bulky, wearing a green cargoes and a very baggy white t-shirt. As his friends either danced with him or walked away from his madness, he still didn’t care.

“Wait, guys stop the music,” shouted in his heavy voice.

“What happened?” his friends shouted in unison, surprised at the sudden change in his behavior.

“Quick, keep quiet and turn the music off.”

After a few seconds of the silence, a friend of his, short in height and a bit fat blurted out in equal parts anger and bafflement, “What the hell man?”

“Shhhh…… didn’t you hear that?”He spoke referring to a voice only he could hear.

Suddenly, the stationary hair of all the adolescents started flying in all directions.

“Uh-oh, get back now, everyone,” he shouted, having a serious expression as he performed a back flip. A figure came down at astonishing speed and kicked where the boy was standing, producing a large crack in the park.

“You know, for such a bulky person, you are quite flexible.” The figure exclaimed. He had a rather sly smile, and a not as serious tone. He was tall, but shorter than the boy. He was not nearly as bulky, but boasted a rather moderate build.

The boy only shook his head at his appearance.

“What? Not happy to see me? Last time I checked, you loved a good challenge,” he said.

“I’m out. So you leave.”

As soon as he finished, the man moved towards him with astonishing speed. As he drew his hand out for a clothesline, the boy ducked and rolled behind him. As soon as the man turned, he kicked him in the face.

The man got pushed back a bit. He then recovered and drew his left hand out for a punch, which was blocked by the boy’s right forearm. The man then punched using his right hand, which the boy blocked and hen chopped. Seizing the opportunity, the boy struck by hitting his opponent in the face with his elbow.

Soon, the man’s expression started to change to an angrier one. The boy then flipped over the man, grabbing his neck and throwing him on the ground with himself.

As soon as they fell, the man loosened the grip on his neck and quickly jumped to his feet. He then tried to stomp the boy, who successfully dodged it by jumping to his feet. He then delivered a roundhouse kick, causing his opponent to hold his cheek in pain.

“Rather weak, aren’t you?’ The boy said, mocking his opponent’s feeble skills.

The man then rushed towards the boy, his face glowing red with anger. He quickly threw a barrage of powerful punches towards the boy, some he dodged, some he blocked and some hit him hard. Soon the boy started to lose his balance, and fell down when the man pushed him. As he tried to roll away, the man delivered a punt to his head, successfully connecting.

As the boy kept on rolling, he took out a few small pearls from his cargoes and threw them on the ground. As soon as they hit the ground, they produced a lot of smoke.

The man roared, angry at his adversary’s cheap trick

“You see, while you grow tired of theatricality and deception, I am still very fond of it,” the boy smoke in a much more relaxed tone.

As the smoke settled, both of them ran towards each other and exchanged various blows. The boy efficiently released a dagger from his sleeve and proceeded to slash the man a few times.

“No space for wasted moves,” the man said.

The boy took out another dagger and ran towards his opponent. The man threw his heavy right hand at the boy, which he swiftly dodged and then proceeded to stab him with the daggers. One dagger was embedded in his wrist while the other one between his knuckles.  Then in a heartbeat, he grabbed hold of the tow and kicked the man backwards. The daggers moved through his skin, causing the man to writhe and curse the boy in agony.

The boy then held his daggers in his hands and assumed a battle stance. The man on the other hand, was bleeding profusely.

“I see now, peace didn’t cost you your strength. Neither has victory defeated you. But remember this, you are never out. The League is back, and all the members are back too, even if you left.”

The boy ran towards the man, his daggers ready to slice him open.  The man slowly raised his bloodied hand and explosions proceeded to take place. The boy got startled and stopped and a shadowy figure in a fast moving hover board grabbed the man and flew away. The boy simply looked on in bafflement, as did his friends at him and at what just happened.

The Perfect Murder-Part 2


Part 2 of the Perfect Murder storyline. Wrote it late at night after i drank a bottle of coke!! Part 1 – https://hazeshrey.wordpress.com/2012/10/25/the-perfect-murder/

The next day, as the sun rose into the sky, there was a familiar boy walking in the streets, this time with his head held high. He checked every corner, every ally, every parking lot, every nook in the city.
“None of these places are good enough. Easy to get caught”, he stated in a confident yet carefree voice.
As he turned around, he saw the gorgeous girl.
“Hey, hi!” she said.
“H-h-hello”, he replied, changing back to his unconfident persona.
“This is interesting. I thought you didn’t come out of your house and here you are roaming around in the open”, she said.
‘I was…uh just looking for a good place to eat”, he replied, moving his hand away from her.
“Well since you’re new in town, let me tell you. There’s KFC, then there’s the Chinese food restaurant by that corner and the pizza place by our school.” She became excited as she helped him, swinging her hands showing him where and how to go.
As she kept on speaking for another few minutes, the boy could feel the kindness radiating from her. He could also feel the sympathy she had for him.
As soon as she stopped to catch her breath, the boy cut in between before she could.
“I, uh had fun talking to you, but I us really must be getting back”, he said in a polite voice. Still looking down, he continued on his original path.
The girl stood there,smiling as he went away. “He’s actually not that bad”, she said in her usual cheerful voice.

“Mother, I’m home”.
“You’re only 9 minutes late”, she said with a hint of anger.
“Well what can I say, I got side tracked”, the boy replied in his carefree, confident voice.
“you need to focus if you are to be initiated. You do things randomly, there is no semblance of order”, she lectured him
“I know mother. This is how I do things. I am not father.”, he said, almost losing his cool. Looking again in his mother’s eyes, he calmed down. Speaking again in his carefree and confident voice, forgetting the events that just took place, “You say that its taught in training that they teach you to find patterns. How a person does things, how he doesn’t. You learn their psychology”.
“There’s a pattern even in randomness”, she said firmly.
“I know mother, I know”, he replied, his voice sounding a bi tired.
The boy moved towards his mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek and went upstairs.
“By the way, how long did you tell them we are here?” he shouted.
“68 days, why is something wrong?” she replied.
“No, no its all perfect”, an emphasis on the perfect in a rather evil tone.

The Perfect Murder-Part 1


I wrote this story about a month ago, but thanks to playing a lot of Borderlands 2 the past two weeks, never got the time to post anything new or even type. This story is sort of Inspired by Batman, Alfred Hitchcock movies and various other murder mystery novels by Agatha Christie. Was originally titled Untitled-#4 but then found a better tittle(will post #3 later. Its big)

The bell rang. Everyone ran out of the school. All the children, short, tall, black, white ran out into the heat to the ice-cream truck. The line in front of it kept on growing. As it kept on growing, a boy walked from beside it, wearing a white t-shirt and cargo pants.
His head was lowered. His walk was unconfident. Walking forward, his shoulder hit the shoulder of another person.
“I’m I’m s, s, sorry”, he stuttered as he moved a few paces back and his face turned white.
“It’s ok”, the person replied in a very confident and friendly tone. As he came closer to the boy, the boy moved the closest part of his body away from him, signaling him to not come close.
As he walked on, his sweat attracted a fly. He waved his hands to shoo the fly away. Moving away from the fly, he moved backwards, his bag hitting something. Startled, he turned around and breathed a sigh of relief when he realized it was a pole.
“Hahahaha….” a rather muscular boy about his age laughed. “Can’t even kill a fly. Look at him”, he laughed all the while poking fun at him.
The boy, however, kept to his own.
“Stop it”, the girl standing beside him said. A gorgeous girl, she waved at the boy and shouted “Hi!”.
The boy, looking up, finding it difficult to maintain eye contact, made a slow wave and a barely audible hello as a reply. Shying away, he continued on his previous path.
Later, when he opened the door to his house, he shouted to let his mother know he was back, in a rather confident and loud voice.
“Welcome home son’, his mother replied in a sweet, soft voice. “How was your day?”
“Productive”, he replied.
“Your initiation draws closer son. You know, in order to be true member of our clan, you must commit the perfect murder”, his mother added in a lecturing, angry voice.
“I know mother. That’s why I have been acting a bit scared lately. Haven’t you noticed?” he said with a sly smile.
His mother smiled back, and the boy proceeded deeper into the house.



This whole piece was inspired by one line, just one line said by The Joker.

Allow me to entertain you with a treasured tale of my childhood. When I was a child, say about 12 years old, I had been living in poverty for the little time I had existed. My days were full of gloominess and neglection by my parents. The best escape I could find was roaming outside till late hours, berating the world for where I was. After coming back home, I would check underneath my third or fourth hand bed for monsters.
Now for the story. One such day, I’m guessing in September, which was maybe my birthday, I stepped outside after hours of neglection and not a single birthday wish. While walking, my eyes caught a glimpse of Brue Waye, the boy born in the lap of luxury. In his hand, he wore the new Rolex watch, gold plated and studded with diamonds.
I had always wanted it, to see how it would feel and how my eyes would grow by looking at the diamonds. This watch cost more than my parents would earn in their lifetime. Here he was 11 years old, standing alone, showing off his riches to those less fortunate. This makes me mad. As he stood there, I sneaked up on him and gave a little karate chop to his neck, so as to make him lose consciousness. Then I proceeded to take of the watch and run before anyone would notice.
You see, a guy like me was almost non-existent to the world. So, I thought I could get away with it. That’s when it went downhill. Turns out my chop was more than the little boy could handle. Some bone of his displaced and he died on the spot. I could only look on as his mother cried out in agony. There was nothing I could do except wish that I could take it all back.
After standing there in silence, I did the only thing I could do. I walked away, with the watch still in my hand. That night, when I reached home, I felt terrible. I had no one to turn to, no where to escape to. That night, before going to bed, I didn’t bother checking my bed for monsters, because if there was one, it was inside me.
Today, even though I can afford a hundred such watches, I hold onto that Rolex from many years ago. It acts as a reminder of my long lost humanity.