The Night


Wrote this last year in March. Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night(even i don’t see the connection between the two!)

The night,
Covering the world in a blanket of darkness,
Not a source of light for miles,
Except the illumination of the stars.
The night,
A Place of gathering,
For the forces of evil,
For the creatures of darkness,
For the execution of misdeeds.
The night,
Unforgiving, unpredictable.
You can never know what the darkness has in store for you.
You can never be too sure of what awaits you at the next corner.
You can never be too sure whether you live to see the rising sun,
Or whether this cold darkness becomes your grave.
The night,
So very discouraging,
So very cruel,
Piercing a man’s fate,
Destroying a man’s hope.
For even the mightiest have lost their will to the cruelty of the night,
For the smartest have been deceived by the deception of the darkness.
The cruelty of the night is such that,
Our shadow leaves us alno.
The night,
An embodiment of pure darkness.
No matter,
How dark the night may be,
It is always the darkest before dawn,
And with every dawn comes a new day,
And with every day comes a new hope,
Comes a chance to bud anew,
Starts another day of our beautiful LIFE!!!!




This is the first story i ever wrote and so by extension the first Untitled ever. Written last July,i tried using In Media Res after playing Uncharted 2 too many times! Hope everyone enjoys it!

It was dark all around, no light present. There were no sounds, no voice, no nothing. It seemed as though a dead silence filled the area.

In time, the distinct sound of footsteps was heard from afar, finally breaking the shroud of silence. After some moments, the footsteps came to an end.
“And so you came”, said a husky, manly voice, coming from one end of the place, far from where the footsteps were first heard.
“Yes, yes I did. Did you have any doubts whether this moment would occur?” A voice came from where the footsteps were first heard.
“I can’t say no. I did have my fare share of doubts about your ability to reach here. But I have no doubts, that you will not go any further. This is where your journey ends,” said the husky voice, ending in a maniacal laugh.
“Oh, I don’t think so,” the second voice rose, and the sound of footsteps were heard again, only this time, they were faster.
“No you don’t,” said the first voice rather quickly, and successive gunshots were fired.
“Aaaaaahhhhhhh……”, the second voice shouted in pain. And a loud thus was heard, as though something had fallen down.
“See, I told you,” the husky voice spoke again, this time with a hint of sarcasm. “I told you this was end of the road.”
“No, aaaahhhhh…,” the voice was in pain. “I shou ahhem, known,”he shouted, “that y,you would stoop, ahem, to this level. To kill me out of fea.”
“Bold words coming from a man who has been shot thrice, the first voice said, rudely cutting the second voice with the sheer flow of confidence and anger.
“What?” the second voice rose again in fear, and just then, another shot was fired, leaving a third hole in his body.
The distinct sound of footsteps was heard. Soon, it started to fade into the darkness, to the point they were heard no more. And once again, a dead silence covered the area, a silence so quiet, it was almost haunting.

Untitled Poem


Feels refreshing to finally post something after having viral for the last 4 days. I wrote this poem this year in march at 2 in the night and i had an exam the very next day!

He half walked,
Half crawled
Towards the cliff touching the horizon.
Battered and beat,
He fell every other second.
Until he finally stopped,
Until he reached the end.
As he placed himself near the end,
He looked back
With a certain smile on his face.
In the scenery as far as the eyes could see,
In this cold and silent night,
Stood a bell tower so huge,
That it seemed to make the Sky
Its home.
As a few second passed,
The bell started to ring,
Creating a disturbance so powerful,
That it shook the silence,
Even at a distance so far.
He let his smile grow,
And then he turned away.
Gathering all his strength,
He launched himself from the top
Flying into the infinite below.