The London Food Diaries


So, here I am, in London! It’s been 4 days since my grand arrival to this land of different food and landscapes and buildings. Even before I got here, I knew I would be busy clicking photos of all the food items and shops and notebooks I see and buy here. So, on Sunday night, it struck me. Why not do a whole series of it, on Instagram, Twitter and the blog? I love food, and pictures, and so many people do it, why shouldn’t I also do it in my free time? It will be a great way to spend free time, since it’s tough to write here (I’ve written 2 minutes in the last five days).
So, then I decided I would start the London Food Diaries. Even though it is called Food Diaries, it will include photos of the magnificent buildings, the road side, the Harry Potter WB Tour( Awwwww yessss!! Potter-philes, get excited), the Disney Store and a lot of Star Wars goodies (You didn’t think I would include Harry Potter and leave out Star Wars. Tch Tch Tch.), notebooks which I’ve bought, and of course, food.
I haven’t really thought how I’ll integrate all this into the blog, but I have a clear idea how I’ll do it for Instagram.
Also, I’ll soon be starting a new Instagram account for the blog in some time.
Till then, all the pictures will be on my Instagram profile – shrey_ahuja (hyperlinked with my profile), You can search me on Insta as shrey_ahuja . It’ll be a pseudo-intellectual picture of me trying to appear smart, along with a “Joey doesn’t share food” tagline and a link to the blog.
Right now, I have to go for breakfast, because there is amazing breakfast options here, it’s already 9 AM here and everyone wants to go out. So, I’ll start posting when I come back from hanging around today. Till then, Au revoir.
Happy Reading!


End of Internals, exams, and College


The dreaded internals I talked about are over. So are my semester 8 exams, and with them, so is college. Yeah, college is over. Still hasn’t hit me, but it is over. Now that it is, I’m spending my time doing the three things which I’ve discovered I have the utmost passion for: Gaming, writing, food and talking, in that order, except talking. Talking assumes different positions depending on my mood.
I’ve planned to hang around before I apply for a job and explore. I’ll be taking a few trips in the coming months, one is already planned for London with my family, and maybe a couple more with my friends. I’ll game a lot, which I didn’t do much of in college for some unknown reason, and write.
A lot of my issues with writing, I’ll try to settle them out now; how I will proceed with my writing, restarting work on my novel, and exploring other options for novels which I put down when I stopped writing back in 2013.
And finally, food. The love of my life and the only reason why I explore new places. The only reason I said yes for London was because of the food (and shopping). Food has led me to new places, new people and amazing moments; most of which can never be predicted or even thought of.
In my absence from the blog, I managed to write a plethora of articles, one new Movie To Watch (Silver Linings Playbook, which Ill be posting right after this), a new Movie Review, three-four new stories, including a new Chats series.
The blog will see a dip in Book Recommendations. This is because since the past four months, books have stopped captivating me and I’ve become bored of reading books. I just pick up a book, read five pages, become extremely bored and then stop. Instead, for the past two days, I’ve started reading stories on Reddit/NoSleep. It’s great fun, and I love the stories the people post there. Absolutely incredible and imaginative, and tense. I enjoy reading NoSleep more then books now.
I guess that about sums up the things which have been going on in my life.
Thank you all for your support for the blog, when I have posted every week, and when like the previous two months, rarely. And when I stopped blogging, 2013-May 2016, with rare occurences. It feels good to be unable to post but still see that people are reading what I have to give, liking it and dissenting on it. Thank you.
Here is to new beginnings and to exploring life ahead and around!

PS-The Sidebars aren’t complete yet, so please don’t pay much attention to that.




What do potatoes think of
When kept with other potatoes?
What do they keep on doing
When they are there over there
kept silently?
What secrets do they hide
In the dusty recesses of their mind?
Do they dream,
About being a bowling ball one day day?
Or to be used as makeshift grenades?
Or to drink Red-Bull,
Get wiiings
And fly away?
Do they plan on coming to life,
And launch a Potato Revolution?
Enslaving humans,
And then eating them
Just like the humans ate them once.
Wouldn’t it be ironic,
\That when a potato is thinking about its future
And is cut three seconds later.
But in the end,
When everything is said and done,
What are those little brown awkward shaped things thinking of?

My most existentially fraught poems and works(That’s a joke XD). Back in 2012, I used to be obsessed with potatoes. I still am, but I think of them less, now that  I resemble one less  (Again, a joke. I make a lot of lame jokes. They’re a part of me XD). I love this poem. It reminds me of a time when I used to write just for the heck of it, all the time. I do too now, but at times I go for more complex and more professional, rather than so kiddish. But here’s hoping you all love this!
Happy Reading everybody!