The Man on the Bridge


The sun had set,
The moon was rising,
And the stars were
Taking formations.

As I walked down the
Lonely road, with no
Light but the fireflies,
I looked away into the
Expanse beside me.

A green land full of roses,
Huge tress with huge trunks,
Full of patches of golden sweetness.

As I walked on,
I felt the warmth of
The air, telling me
Winter is still a long time.

I scurried along the road,
Trying not to fall and
Make it in time for a show.

The bridge, a fine piece of
Wood and craftsmanship,
My penultimate stretch,
The Bridge, where strange
People witness strange sightings.

A river ran beside it,
Illuminated by the fireflies,
A figure ran from the
Shore ,oblivious to the
Beauty beside him.

As he ran towards me,
I gazed at his face,
Old, wrinkled, horrified,
His lips cut in spots,
His nose deformed and
Eyes white and soulless.

“They are coming”, he screamed,
Jumping frantically, he hit
His head on the wood.
“I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding”,

As he moved around, I
Grappled him , whispering,
“They’re not coming,
Because they already have”,
And let go of him.
He moved a few paces,
Eyes full of disbelief, watery,
Red drops fell on the ground
As he jumped into the
Black beauty, ruining its
Perfection for eternity.

As the fireflies circled around,
I moved on, laughing,
Wondering if I will catch the
Show on time.

An old poem, inspired by “The Scream” on suggestion of a friend. Feels great reading this again after almost four years!
Hope everyone enjoys it as well!
Happy Reading!


Before she was Born


It was a year before you were born my sweet darling child. Your father, the busy man we all know him to be had come back for a week, the longest he’d ever been away from his life. Impulsive as he was, after lunch he dragged me for a walk. Ardent that he would not let me miss the wonder and joy of walking in the December afternoon, where the sunlight’s warmth mixed into the cold winter breeze. Though not my way of living life, my adamant nature was no match for his zeal and fervour.

It had only been a year since we were married and with your father away all the time, there were many things we never talked about. But the things left unsaid never piled up on us. There was his way, the way we just looked into each other’s eyes and most of our questions were resolved.

So, there we were, walking in the December afternoon, dancing and singing merrily. Laughing like little children. His zeal, his love and his optimism made him a child. That’s why everyone gravitated to him. Because he made them children as well. I know that’s why I did.

We went on like that for hours. People stared at us and children came and played with us. Maybe because they saw us as even bigger kids. And after those hours ended, we both sat down on a park bench a top a small hill that overlooked the entire vicinity of the park.

A lot of the things that were unspoken amongst us required no talking. Any unsolved issues were suddenly, solved. Just like that. We didn’t need to talk. We just needed to look at each other. We just sat and looked ahead and around, the world and all of its wonders, at times staring at each other. Even though he never realised it, I always knew when he staring at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. I always caught it from the corner of my eye and when I did turn my face, he would turn his face away, acting as though he was gazing in my direction. Red and embarrassed. Even though he knew I would catch him, he never stopped.

After our little game was done, we saw another little child walk in front of us. She was such a cute little girl, so small, her hair in a ponytail, wearing this adorable dress with a jacket on top of it and running around with a red rubber ball. I couldn’t help but keep on staring at her and smile incessantly like, a lot like the time when I saw you for the first time. She could barely speak properly so she kept on making these cute little sounds. Like gogo, ga, to show excitement. Same as you used to make.

As soon as she went out of the sight, your father’s impulse found its way to me. “I want one,” I told him. It took me a second to turn my head towards him, it hadn’t struck me at that very instant what I had just asked, and I started fearing his response. It also hadn’t struck me that your dad could also seize the day quite easily.

I looked at him and he had his usual quizzical expression. “Just one? I was thinking maybe a whole bunch!”

At that time, my eyes swelled up like pearls and I glowed. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. “Really?” I asked.

“Yeah. Yeah,” he responded with his usual zest and energy. “I was thinking like the Von Trapp family. Minus the Nazism”, he finished.

Somewhere in my heart, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Neither could I believe that I had asked your father that out of impulse.

We were both blushing a bit, red, almost like tomatoes but we didn’t really care. We were happy. We were on the second moon of Endor happy.

So much so that he grabbed my waist and kissed me. Everybody stared at us. We didn’t really care. I blushed even more and smiled like an idiot. He moved but I stayed frozen in my spot, staring at him, with eyes as wide and big as pearls.

“Come on,” he said, and knowing I wouldn’t budge, he ran towards me and literally swept me off my feet. He held me in his arms and ran all the wat home.

That was when I realised that your father had somehow, always been a father, even without a child. Without you. And three months later, we conceived you. Nine months after that, a year after the park, you were born. Your father finally became a father with a child.

The Future


Use for Future

There was a time when the sky changed colours,rather than being a dull black. A time when the sun shown above us. A past when the human mind was fathomable, and the human ambition infinite. Yet in the present, the morals have become twisted and the dreams have turned to dust. But even in all this, the longing to dance in the rain one last time, remains, albeit fading away into the dusty recesses of our own mind.

Ramblings-Going Away


I wrote this piece in a competition whose theme was the North-East of India, which is still neglected by the government and is relatively isolated from the rest of the country, hence people don’t have much knowledge regarding it. Here goes!

Mother always called the Northeast the Shangri-La of India. Lush, calm, serene.

A perfect place for mother to send me to.

A change in scenario to calm my nerves from the bouts of crippling self-doubt I’ve been experiencing. Though I believe mother has a lot to do with it.

She has always pushed me into unknown places and unfamiliar scenarios to punish me. She has always manipulated me into believing there’s something wrong with the city life and the seven sisters will provide me some relief.

Now she’s pushing me away to a place whose geography culture and life is unknown to me. Unknown to all who lived in the city. She wants me to lose myself in a land far far away. It’s scary. I’m scared.

Movie Review – Boyhood



“I just thought there would be more”. Wise words by Olivia Evans (Mason’s mom). Life has a way of drifting by. You’ll live each day and thoroughly enjoy some, but as you grow up, the days go by so much faster.

Boyhood is filled with gems of lines like these. Which hit you but never stand out when reading the transcript. They hit you. Then they leave you pondering long after the movie has ended. And in this way, it lays down various truths of life we tend to overlook.

The movie encapsulated the twelve year journey of Mason Jr (Ellar Coltrane) and all that his life consists of. His elder sister Samantha(Lorelei Linklater), his divorced parents, Mason Sr(Ethan Hawke), Olivia Evans(Patricia Arquette), stepdads, Bill(Marco Perillia) and Jim(Brad Hawkins), friends and acquaintances, one of which is Zoe, his eventual first girlfriend.

Starting at the age of six with “Yellow” (Coldplay) playing in the background and working through to the age of 18, when Mason finally reaches college. The tale ends on top of a mountain about a short dialogue exchange about “Seizing the Day”. In between is his childhood, albeit troubled, which consisted of a divorce, arrowhead collection, riding bikes to Soulja Boy. His teenage years, with another divorce, invitations to parties, the late teenage years, with going to parties, coming home late, drunk and high. The usual. Kind of. Then a photography passion which led him to college on scholarship. All the while marred with stepfather troubles. One who was abusive and another who did not understand the concept of personal space.

The movie explores Mason Jr’s reality alongside all those surrounding him, which effectively makes this a documentary about humans in general. Their tendencies, actions, reactions, phases, ambitions and regret. There is no story (In a very idealistic sense). The characters are the story. The actors breathe life into those hollow words which form the characters. It is not a thrill or a ride. It is a ride on a smooth road with a gentle breeze with sunshine or no sunshine, as per your liking.

The road does have some speed bumps though. In its 166 minute runtime, it faces a common issue most films with such a runtime face. Except for the last three minutes, the third act of the film, I’d say roughly the last thirty minutes felt dragged and rushed at the same time. My primary issue was that I was unable to properly reflect on and mix with the characters like I had done for the remainder of the film. The last act consisted of the usual things coming full circle (Like a person you gave advice to at the start of the movie paying you back) and revelations and stuff already seen in far too many movies.

In the movie, what stood out for me were the performances of the cast, especially Ethan Hawke and Coltrane. Like I stated before, the actors breathed life into the characters. They were natural and confident. Now, I don’t know whether it was because they were almost the same age as the characters they portrayed or because they are darn good actors. But I’m going to say that they are good. Just this once.

On the whole, the movie stands out for its intricate and tightly bound narrative as well as a rather ambitious scope in direction, but it doesn’t stand out all that much. It’s perfect and a movie I will remember for a long time, and quoting its lines and the movie itself in discussions, but it is not going to last for all that long.



Movie Review – How To Train Your Dragon 2


A little late for the review, but a fever caught me, so apologies!


It has been an awfully long time since I’ve seen a sequel as good as How To Train Your Dragon 2. Movie too, but mostly sequel. As such, it is up there with The Dark Knight, Star Wars Episode V and The Godfather 2 in the list of good sequels.

The movie is set five years after the end of the first. A lot has changed since then,. Dragon riding has become a sport and dragons have become a part of Berk. A lot like family. Hiccup has grown, Toothless has grown, and so has the world that the movie encompasses.

The new lands as well as characters are diverse, be it the little baby dragons never listening to anyone or a fort destroyed by an ice breathing huge dragon or the brutal camp of our villain Drago Bloodvist or the humongous size of the Bewilderbeast, roughly thousands of time any other dragon I’d reckon.

All these scenes instill a sense of how the world really should be like, a lot like our expectations but at the same time shattering them.

The plot is a very basic good against evil plot, that though is predictable, works. Courtesy of some strong characters, be it the pack of friends from the first movie, Drago himself, Hiccup or his supposedly dead mother (HELLOOO!)! This time around, Jay does justice to his role, unlike last time where he seemed casual about the character.

What helped as well was the timing of the comedic moments. Interspersed beautifully throughout the film, a lot like The Dark Knight. This is not to say that the film doesn’t do justice to the more serious of moments. But the comedy helps in doing justice to the audience so they don’t suffer.

The film trades in some of the more lighthearted, calm scenes from the first movie for some emotionally fuelled and intense scenes. Really depends on the viewer whether they appreciated the change or not.

Like I said before, the voice acting this time was better. It clicked. The voice actors were in tune with their characters. It just clicked. Last time it was scattered but this time around it adds real fuel to the movie.

Theme wise, the sequel is the same as the first. Both are coming of age films. The second however does a better job. Why so? Well a little spoiler follows, so read the next paragraph if you’re faint of heart! Right in the beginning, Stoic tells Hiccup that he is to be the new chief. The film then deals with Hiccup’s rise to the occasion set in motion by his own stubbornness and father.


All in all, this movie is one hell of a ride. Much better than the first and worth watching.