Random Spouts from a Stranger


This is hopefully, the very first work of my new collection(If I’m able to keep on it). This piece is inspired by the war scene in Forrest Gump. Sadly, i searched for a fitting image for about thirty minutes but seems as though this post will not remain unpublished for a picture(Looked so much better in my head).

I could listen, but couldn’t see. I could listen to everyone huffing and puffing, breathing heavily. They were talking amongst themselves, for how we had to run away from the forest, for we had been detected.

I counted 24 different sounds of running feet, all maybe too afraid to pick me up. I don’t think I blame them. Maybe they themselves were hurt or didn’t see me among the tall grass or the other shut eyed bodies. At least nobody stepped on me.

As the sound of footsteps died down, the sound of mortars and rockets became clearer. I heard four mortars from flying over my weak body. One landed about 50 feet from me. I’m just happy that it wasn’t five feet otherwise I would be dead and so would this narration.


Movie Review – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag



Sadly it’s been almost a month since the movie was released and my review was stuck for quite some time. But I hope there’s still some time and here it goes!

I’ll just say this in the beginning and clear any tension, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is one of the most amazing movies in Bollywood in recent times, going up against the likes of Rang De Basanti, Kal Ho Na Ho and many others. From the very first scene, the very first second, the movie is in full throttle and wastes no time in setting up.

The movie excels in every department, be it the superb writing or the crisp dialogues or the surprisingly amazing songs or the top notch acting by the crew.

The songs, like I said were surprisingly good. In most movies, songs are inserted into random parts of the movie, which break the flow. In Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, the songs are beautifully woven into the story with smart lyrics and music.

However, if you’re anything like me, the reason to watch this movie again and again is the top notch acting by the cast. Be it the dedication shown by Farhan Akhtar as Milkha Singh (I mean look at the man’s muscles!) or Sonam Kapoor small yet commendable performance or Divya Dutta’s extremely strong performance as Isra Kaur, it blew me away. But that’s not it; the small supporting roles such as both of Milkha’s coaches, played by Yograj Singh and Pawan Malhotra were nothing short of amazing. I’ll be shocked if this movie doesn’t win every acting category it has been nominated in!

As for the story, it was as good as the acting, save for a few logical inconsistencies. The narrative was well paced with smart humor as well and crisp dialogues seamlessly and effortlessly interwoven. As such, the story never dulls, even with its 190 minute run-time. At first, 190 minutes may seem over long or bloated, but anything else would seem insufficient for the story to blossom. The purpose this humongous run-time serves is answering all the questions, raised by the plot itself and even those by the audience.

All in all, this movie is near perfect, save for a few logical inconsistencies. But given how amazing it is easy to overlook the very few and minor flaws.


The Perfect Murder-Part 3


The boy walked down the stairs, wearing his usual cargo and white t-shirt. He also donned a fedora.
“How does it look mother?” he spoke, elongating the does.
“No”, she replied bluntly. “You can’t carry the look of the fedora with such a wardrobe. Leave it on the hanger beside the door and head to school.”
The boy let out a little sigh, knowing that his mother was right. He picked up his bag, opened the door and stepped outside.
In a flash, his head was lowered, his strides became shorter and no more did confidence radiate from him. He observed everyone on his way. The nice girl whom he met this morning, waving at him, her bulky male friend, a boy with large headphones, the frat boy on his bike, an old man walking his black labrodor, the blonde who worked at the local Archies, the ice cream man and pretty much the rest of the neighbourhood.
All such good targets, except the girl, he thought.
Soon he reached the huge white coloured Four story building where he would spend a fourth of his day, struggling to stay awake, except for that beautiful hour in psychology. He let out another sigh and went through the door with countless others, who would, like him, want to be anywhere but here.