The London Food Diaries


So, here I am, in London! It’s been 4 days since my grand arrival to this land of different food and landscapes and buildings. Even before I got here, I knew I would be busy clicking photos of all the food items and shops and notebooks I see and buy here. So, on Sunday night, it struck me. Why not do a whole series of it, on Instagram, Twitter and the blog? I love food, and pictures, and so many people do it, why shouldn’t I also do it in my free time? It will be a great way to spend free time, since it’s tough to write here (I’ve written 2 minutes in the last five days).
So, then I decided I would start the London Food Diaries. Even though it is called Food Diaries, it will include photos of the magnificent buildings, the road side, the Harry Potter WB Tour( Awwwww yessss!! Potter-philes, get excited), the Disney Store and a lot of Star Wars goodies (You didn’t think I would include Harry Potter and leave out Star Wars. Tch Tch Tch.), notebooks which I’ve bought, and of course, food.
I haven’t really thought how I’ll integrate all this into the blog, but I have a clear idea how I’ll do it for Instagram.
Also, I’ll soon be starting a new Instagram account for the blog in some time.
Till then, all the pictures will be on my Instagram profile – shrey_ahuja (hyperlinked with my profile), You can search me on Insta as shrey_ahuja . It’ll be a pseudo-intellectual picture of me trying to appear smart, along with a “Joey doesn’t share food” tagline and a link to the blog.
Right now, I have to go for breakfast, because there is amazing breakfast options here, it’s already 9 AM here and everyone wants to go out. So, I’ll start posting when I come back from hanging around today. Till then, Au revoir.
Happy Reading!


Movie Review- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Rogue One is the first standalone Star Wars movie and without any lead character who has a lightsabre. There are still high octane action sequences and chases, but no swashbuckling or stylistic lightsabre duels. So the question is, how well does the first Star Wars without lightsabers hold up?
The answer is, not very well. In taking away lightsabers, Disney took away all the elements which make Star Wars Star Wars.
Rogue One has most of the Star Wars staples. Grand music, all sorts of aliens, beautiful and diverse aliens and above everything else, the Force.
Even then Rogue One is a let-down. The aim of this is to teach Disney that you can’t just make any story, set it in space, replace random characters with aliens, put the Star Wars label on it and call it a Star Wars film. It doesn’t work like that.
Star Wars movies, the original six were fearless. Even though Episodes 1 and 2 were terrible, they took risks. The original six always broke new ground in term of storytelling, bringing in new plot lines, characters we instantly fell in love with. Leia’s headstrong attitude, the fall of Anakin Skywalker (I loved Episode 3 and Christopher Haydenen’s acting, no matter what anyone say), the wise Obi-Wan preceding the one we say all through the original trilogy.
Then they always tried to innovate the action sequences and elements. Sometimes a battle in space, some times in a space ship, once the weirdest battle with Gungans and Droids (Didn’t like it as much, but it still was different), another time a battle in Jabba’s place.
Force Awakens and Rogue One don’t introduce any new elements and instead feel like mash ups of the original six. Seriously, what is it with droids and outer space battles in every movie? Give it a rest and get something new. I’ve seen more space fighters in Force Awakens and Rogue One combined than in the original six. The over reliance of the new Star Wars movies on the elements of the original six and playing it safe will be their greatest downfall.
My above statements should make clear my emotions for Rogue One. It was slow, disappointing and was comparable to episodes 1 and 2 in terms of badness. This is the first movie everywhere I felt like moving out of the theatre. Then came the climax. I became positive it was as bad or maybe even worse.
All the new characters felt rehashed or clichéd or boring to too familiar. From a mile away, you could tell that Director Kremmic (Ben Mendelsohn) was a clichéd English James Bond villain. I mean come on, think of something new. And then there was K-2SO, a reprogramed Imperial Droid being used by the republic. What is it with keeping a droid in every movie? What’s this obsession? It was blatantly obvious K-2SO was made similar to C-3PO, acting as comic relief with his sass, which is best left to C-3PO. Though K-2SO, when he didn’t come off as a replica, had his moment. That line for a dog, “I cry more every time a dog dies”, I could apply to K-2SO.
The only stand out for me was Bodhi (Riz Ahmed) as an Imperial Pilot. His character was one of the finest parts of Rogue One.
There are many returning characters. Many people of the Rebel Alliance, all stupid and less gutsy returned.
Darth Vader is in a cameo. Vader’s new mannerisms were cool and reminiscent of the classic Vader in Episode 4, but it wasn’t perfect. It didn’t feel natural.
Then there is General Tarkin, played by Guy Henry. Oh how I’ve missed his cocky, cool, confident and pompous ass. I love this guy. The made Episode 4 a treat and Rogue One too.
Besides the amazing music and beautiful, there was another thing which made this movie amazing.
Up until now, we’ve only seen the force as a tool by Jedi’s and used by people to wish luck. Rogue One expands the Force. It shows how the normal people believe in the force; treat it as a religion. They pray to the force and put their trust in it. The force is what guides them. “The Force is with me. And I am one with the force”.
These words portray the faith of the people in the force.
Rogue One is among the worst Star Wars has to offer and there is nowhere is go but up. You can’t make a Star Wars movie like this. The only salvaging factors of mess Rogue One are the planets and locations (which felt more like placeholders and compensating for a terrible script), Tarkin and The Force.
Seriously Disney, if this is the level of Star Wars you’re making, stop it. We can do without you senselessly milking the franchise with insane mediocrity.

Rating – 2.5/4

The second post of the Three Days, Three Posts!  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Hope you guys love the review, and to all fans, no matter how terrible it is, it is our duty as Star Wars fans to stick to the franchise even when it goes bad!

Stay tuned for tomorrow everybody, the La La Land review to end the Three Day, Three Posts frenzy!! Happy Reading!



This is another action scene. This was written well before Untitled -2 and Untitled-3! The inspirations for this were in random parts Batman, Assassins creed and Star Wars! If i did ever write more on this, it would be science fiction.

Cars. So many beautiful cars. All standing next to each other. Parked, in this huge parking lot. Parking lot of Cars under One Roof. This is the place to be for any car lover. Black, blue, red, violet, all the cars that money could buy, Nissan Micra, Nissan Leaf, Bugatti Veyron, Tesla Roadster and Bmw series 7. The best part about it, I can sit here in peace and enjoy the scenery. Even the sunrays came down and kissed these cars. It felt as though nothing could ruin this moment.

As I observed them all in silence, I heard a few noises. Before I could even move my eyes, I saw a man get pushed into my view. The man was well dressed and well built. He wore a pair of denims, which seemed like C&K to me. I also believed that he wore a shirt, under his zipped white Adidas jacket, I could tell by the design. He also wore a small necklace in the shape of a capsule. He was rather muscular; his biceps were prominent, even under his clothing. He stood at 6 feet 3, 250 pounds I’d say. His face was a light brown, full of black facial hair. His eyes were hidden behind his Armani glasses.  Rich, but not exactly the most stylish person in the world.

As soon as I completed the description, another man came running, jumped and used both his feet to kick the not-so-stylish man, but was blocked. The man was a more mysterious personality. He looked like a cross between a Jedi and a Hassansin. He had white khaki robes, closed from the front, a hood that covered his face and a red cape, a bit like that of Superman’s. He was about 5 feet 8, 180 pounds I’d say. He looked way more amazing in that simple get-up.

The mysterious guy started to run towards the other man, during which he flicked his wrists and       protruded two daggers from his sleeves. The man on the other hand took out a sword under his jacket, a one handed scimitar, which only made him look way cooler. Both of them started to proficiently swing their weapons at one another. The not-so-stylish man was less trained. He had a lot of wasted moves; he couldn’t block or dodge quite a few strikes and let his guard down a bit.

The Hassansin-Jedi crossover guy was rather skilled and clever. He blocked all of the strikes and did not have a single wasted move. He then rolled towards his right and quickly threw a knife at the other man, which he blocked. He then threw another knife and started running behind it. The knife was blocked but the crossover guy stepped on the scimitar, jumped and delivered a roundhouse kick to the man, which knocked of his shades and sent him rolling.

In that brief moment, I saw both their eyes. The not-so-stylish man had simple black eyes, full of fear. The crossover guy on the other hand divine blue eyes.

He soon ran towards the man and stomped him and then picked his much taller adversary up. Now I was certain that there was no shirt underneath the jacket.  The not-so-stylish man tried to reach for his necklace but it was thrown away The crossover guy then made the same gesture with his right hand and out came a double barreled sawed off shotgun. He fired a shot at the necklace. The shotgun produced two big balls of energy moving at faster than the thrown away necklace. As soon as it struck the necklace, the necklace started to glow red.

As soon as that happened, the man let out a half smile, revealing a few broken teeth. The crossover guy then threw his gun to his right, where it stuck to his robe.

“I think that’s going to explode?” the crossover guy said to himself. His voice was not heavy, just the usual male voice. He then made the same gesture with his left hand and the necklace flew towards his palm. He then shoved it down the other mans throat and threw him into the air.

As the body was in air, a blue light emanated from it and the man made a wave to him. Pretty cool if you ask me. In a split second the blue light became huge and in a flash the man disappeared.

“What?” the crossover guy spoke in a baffled voice.”What just happened? Was that a transporter capsule I just shoved into him instead of an exploder capsule? They are not going to like this”

He then turned around and took of his cape. As soon as he did, his whole attire changed. He was now wearing blue denim and a red hoodie and the glove transformed into a black glove which he wore on his right hand and walked away from the parking lot.