Chronicle-My thoughts?


The only reason that there is a question mark in front of my title is because i still don’t what i should call this! Given that this is the first time i’m trying something like this, please be gentle in criticizing me!

I know I’m a bit late in penning down my thoughts for this movie, considering the fact that it came out last year. What actually swayed me to write this is the fact that it was on TV a few days ago and I was tempted to give my two cents about it!

I believe that almost every person who stumbles upon this post will have either watched this movie or have some idea about what it is. For those who don’t, it’s a sci-fi superhero movie about the lives of three high school boys and their crazy antics after getting superpowers.

What I found admirable about this movie was that it wastes no time in setting up the premise and characters of the film. This of course means that it’s a ride from the first second.

The main characters are Andrew, Matt and Steve.

Andrew is the main main character, around whose life the whole movie is based. Andrew is the frequently bullied loner, with an abusive father and an encouraging but ailing mother. Matt, Andrew’s cousin is the most responsible of the group, setting restrictions and rules about how to use their powers. Steve is the most popular of the group, or the school. He is running for president, he has various friends and is important. Probably everything that Andrew would want to be, but is never brought up in the movie.

The plot is set in motion when the three find a weird pit housing a strange blue stone which gives them telekinetic powers, placed conveniently in the middle of nowhere. What follows, for at least the first half of the movie is the story of three superhuman teens who become best friends based on that similarity. In that first half, the movie has a very light tone, with the boys playing with legos, people’s cars as well as their sanity and performing magic shows at the School Talent Show.

Like I said, at the centre of the movie is Andrew, with the movie being like this tale of his rise and fall and then subsequent maddening.

Andrew seems like this character from an old tragedy of sorts. He isn’t inherently bad or sadistic; he is just a victim of circumstance. Coupled with it the fact that he had no escape other than his camera, the pot of anger inside him was bound to explode. And when it did, it made for an extremely dark second half.

Putting myself in Andrew’s shoes, I realized that I would have made similar choices, because in his twisted, Andrew sort of thinking, it was the most logical as well as effective, be it robbing shops or pulling out a bully’s teeth. As such, it is hard to not to sympathize with him in every step of the movie.

Andrew also has a calmer side, which involves a dream of living in Tibet, according to him the most tranquil place in the world.

This makes Andrew all the more three dimensional and relatable, making him a character that I everyone can easily see themselves in at times, be it in the goofy first half or the dark second half.




Tales to tell,
People to meet,
You will know them well,
Once you take a seat.

The first one is evil,
He is violent,
He loves pain.
Mind as polluted as smog,
Hands red with blood,
Thoughts full of
Anger and greed,
Actions only impart disgust.

The second one is silent,
He lives in seclusion,
Away from activity,
Away from impurity.
His heart is innocent,
And his mind pure.
He stays grounded,
Yet lives among the stars.

Then there is a she,
Full of life,
Full of joy,
Coming in an unnatural way,
She is now among us,
Dreaming of being
Whisked away by Mr. Right,
Her ambitions, infinite.

Then there is the fourth.
Smart, clever, observant,
He is the sharpest of them all.
Beat his mind, you cannot,
For you are a monkey,
In front of the almighty.

There are many more,
By opening these doors,
You will explore,
Only if you come with me.

Different they are,
Yet so similar.
Grown to the same length,
No colour to differentiate,
Wearing the same smile,
Living in the same body,
For they are all one.

But where do I reside
Who am I?
This is something I cannot decide,
With influences so sly

There is one body,
But people different.
And when all gears grind,
Up comes the MIND,
Multiple identities,
No disorders.