Random Spouts from a Stranger


This is hopefully, the very first work of my new collection(If I’m able to keep on it). This piece is inspired by the war scene in Forrest Gump. Sadly, i searched for a fitting image for about thirty minutes but seems as though this post will not remain unpublished for a picture(Looked so much better in my head).

I could listen, but couldn’t see. I could listen to everyone huffing and puffing, breathing heavily. They were talking amongst themselves, for how we had to run away from the forest, for we had been detected.

I counted 24 different sounds of running feet, all maybe too afraid to pick me up. I don’t think I blame them. Maybe they themselves were hurt or didn’t see me among the tall grass or the other shut eyed bodies. At least nobody stepped on me.

As the sound of footsteps died down, the sound of mortars and rockets became clearer. I heard four mortars from flying over my weak body. One landed about 50 feet from me. I’m just happy that it wasn’t five feet otherwise I would be dead and so would this narration.




This is another action scene. This was written well before Untitled -2 and Untitled-3! The inspirations for this were in random parts Batman, Assassins creed and Star Wars! If i did ever write more on this, it would be science fiction.

Cars. So many beautiful cars. All standing next to each other. Parked, in this huge parking lot. Parking lot of Cars under One Roof. This is the place to be for any car lover. Black, blue, red, violet, all the cars that money could buy, Nissan Micra, Nissan Leaf, Bugatti Veyron, Tesla Roadster and Bmw series 7. The best part about it, I can sit here in peace and enjoy the scenery. Even the sunrays came down and kissed these cars. It felt as though nothing could ruin this moment.

As I observed them all in silence, I heard a few noises. Before I could even move my eyes, I saw a man get pushed into my view. The man was well dressed and well built. He wore a pair of denims, which seemed like C&K to me. I also believed that he wore a shirt, under his zipped white Adidas jacket, I could tell by the design. He also wore a small necklace in the shape of a capsule. He was rather muscular; his biceps were prominent, even under his clothing. He stood at 6 feet 3, 250 pounds I’d say. His face was a light brown, full of black facial hair. His eyes were hidden behind his Armani glasses.  Rich, but not exactly the most stylish person in the world.

As soon as I completed the description, another man came running, jumped and used both his feet to kick the not-so-stylish man, but was blocked. The man was a more mysterious personality. He looked like a cross between a Jedi and a Hassansin. He had white khaki robes, closed from the front, a hood that covered his face and a red cape, a bit like that of Superman’s. He was about 5 feet 8, 180 pounds I’d say. He looked way more amazing in that simple get-up.

The mysterious guy started to run towards the other man, during which he flicked his wrists and       protruded two daggers from his sleeves. The man on the other hand took out a sword under his jacket, a one handed scimitar, which only made him look way cooler. Both of them started to proficiently swing their weapons at one another. The not-so-stylish man was less trained. He had a lot of wasted moves; he couldn’t block or dodge quite a few strikes and let his guard down a bit.

The Hassansin-Jedi crossover guy was rather skilled and clever. He blocked all of the strikes and did not have a single wasted move. He then rolled towards his right and quickly threw a knife at the other man, which he blocked. He then threw another knife and started running behind it. The knife was blocked but the crossover guy stepped on the scimitar, jumped and delivered a roundhouse kick to the man, which knocked of his shades and sent him rolling.

In that brief moment, I saw both their eyes. The not-so-stylish man had simple black eyes, full of fear. The crossover guy on the other hand divine blue eyes.

He soon ran towards the man and stomped him and then picked his much taller adversary up. Now I was certain that there was no shirt underneath the jacket.  The not-so-stylish man tried to reach for his necklace but it was thrown away The crossover guy then made the same gesture with his right hand and out came a double barreled sawed off shotgun. He fired a shot at the necklace. The shotgun produced two big balls of energy moving at faster than the thrown away necklace. As soon as it struck the necklace, the necklace started to glow red.

As soon as that happened, the man let out a half smile, revealing a few broken teeth. The crossover guy then threw his gun to his right, where it stuck to his robe.

“I think that’s going to explode?” the crossover guy said to himself. His voice was not heavy, just the usual male voice. He then made the same gesture with his left hand and the necklace flew towards his palm. He then shoved it down the other mans throat and threw him into the air.

As the body was in air, a blue light emanated from it and the man made a wave to him. Pretty cool if you ask me. In a split second the blue light became huge and in a flash the man disappeared.

“What?” the crossover guy spoke in a baffled voice.”What just happened? Was that a transporter capsule I just shoved into him instead of an exploder capsule? They are not going to like this”

He then turned around and took of his cape. As soon as he did, his whole attire changed. He was now wearing blue denim and a red hoodie and the glove transformed into a black glove which he wore on his right hand and walked away from the parking lot.

The Perfect Murder-Part 1


I wrote this story about a month ago, but thanks to playing a lot of Borderlands 2 the past two weeks, never got the time to post anything new or even type. This story is sort of Inspired by Batman, Alfred Hitchcock movies and various other murder mystery novels by Agatha Christie. Was originally titled Untitled-#4 but then found a better tittle(will post #3 later. Its big)

The bell rang. Everyone ran out of the school. All the children, short, tall, black, white ran out into the heat to the ice-cream truck. The line in front of it kept on growing. As it kept on growing, a boy walked from beside it, wearing a white t-shirt and cargo pants.
His head was lowered. His walk was unconfident. Walking forward, his shoulder hit the shoulder of another person.
“I’m I’m s, s, sorry”, he stuttered as he moved a few paces back and his face turned white.
“It’s ok”, the person replied in a very confident and friendly tone. As he came closer to the boy, the boy moved the closest part of his body away from him, signaling him to not come close.
As he walked on, his sweat attracted a fly. He waved his hands to shoo the fly away. Moving away from the fly, he moved backwards, his bag hitting something. Startled, he turned around and breathed a sigh of relief when he realized it was a pole.
“Hahahaha….” a rather muscular boy about his age laughed. “Can’t even kill a fly. Look at him”, he laughed all the while poking fun at him.
The boy, however, kept to his own.
“Stop it”, the girl standing beside him said. A gorgeous girl, she waved at the boy and shouted “Hi!”.
The boy, looking up, finding it difficult to maintain eye contact, made a slow wave and a barely audible hello as a reply. Shying away, he continued on his previous path.
Later, when he opened the door to his house, he shouted to let his mother know he was back, in a rather confident and loud voice.
“Welcome home son’, his mother replied in a sweet, soft voice. “How was your day?”
“Productive”, he replied.
“Your initiation draws closer son. You know, in order to be true member of our clan, you must commit the perfect murder”, his mother added in a lecturing, angry voice.
“I know mother. That’s why I have been acting a bit scared lately. Haven’t you noticed?” he said with a sly smile.
His mother smiled back, and the boy proceeded deeper into the house.



This is the first story i ever wrote and so by extension the first Untitled ever. Written last July,i tried using In Media Res after playing Uncharted 2 too many times! Hope everyone enjoys it!

It was dark all around, no light present. There were no sounds, no voice, no nothing. It seemed as though a dead silence filled the area.

In time, the distinct sound of footsteps was heard from afar, finally breaking the shroud of silence. After some moments, the footsteps came to an end.
“And so you came”, said a husky, manly voice, coming from one end of the place, far from where the footsteps were first heard.
“Yes, yes I did. Did you have any doubts whether this moment would occur?” A voice came from where the footsteps were first heard.
“I can’t say no. I did have my fare share of doubts about your ability to reach here. But I have no doubts, that you will not go any further. This is where your journey ends,” said the husky voice, ending in a maniacal laugh.
“Oh, I don’t think so,” the second voice rose, and the sound of footsteps were heard again, only this time, they were faster.
“No you don’t,” said the first voice rather quickly, and successive gunshots were fired.
“Aaaaaahhhhhhh……”, the second voice shouted in pain. And a loud thus was heard, as though something had fallen down.
“See, I told you,” the husky voice spoke again, this time with a hint of sarcasm. “I told you this was end of the road.”
“No, aaaahhhhh…,” the voice was in pain. “I shou ahhem, known,”he shouted, “that y,you would stoop, ahem, to this level. To kill me out of fea.”
“Bold words coming from a man who has been shot thrice, the first voice said, rudely cutting the second voice with the sheer flow of confidence and anger.
“What?” the second voice rose again in fear, and just then, another shot was fired, leaving a third hole in his body.
The distinct sound of footsteps was heard. Soon, it started to fade into the darkness, to the point they were heard no more. And once again, a dead silence covered the area, a silence so quiet, it was almost haunting.



This whole piece was inspired by one line, just one line said by The Joker.

Allow me to entertain you with a treasured tale of my childhood. When I was a child, say about 12 years old, I had been living in poverty for the little time I had existed. My days were full of gloominess and neglection by my parents. The best escape I could find was roaming outside till late hours, berating the world for where I was. After coming back home, I would check underneath my third or fourth hand bed for monsters.
Now for the story. One such day, I’m guessing in September, which was maybe my birthday, I stepped outside after hours of neglection and not a single birthday wish. While walking, my eyes caught a glimpse of Brue Waye, the boy born in the lap of luxury. In his hand, he wore the new Rolex watch, gold plated and studded with diamonds.
I had always wanted it, to see how it would feel and how my eyes would grow by looking at the diamonds. This watch cost more than my parents would earn in their lifetime. Here he was 11 years old, standing alone, showing off his riches to those less fortunate. This makes me mad. As he stood there, I sneaked up on him and gave a little karate chop to his neck, so as to make him lose consciousness. Then I proceeded to take of the watch and run before anyone would notice.
You see, a guy like me was almost non-existent to the world. So, I thought I could get away with it. That’s when it went downhill. Turns out my chop was more than the little boy could handle. Some bone of his displaced and he died on the spot. I could only look on as his mother cried out in agony. There was nothing I could do except wish that I could take it all back.
After standing there in silence, I did the only thing I could do. I walked away, with the watch still in my hand. That night, when I reached home, I felt terrible. I had no one to turn to, no where to escape to. That night, before going to bed, I didn’t bother checking my bed for monsters, because if there was one, it was inside me.
Today, even though I can afford a hundred such watches, I hold onto that Rolex from many years ago. It acts as a reminder of my long lost humanity.